Online Motor Vehicle Collision Reporting (OMVCR) - Not compatible with all smart phones

Welcome to the WSP OMVCR site. - Use this site to enter and submit a collision report, to purchase a report use WRECR
Any driver, pedestrian, pedal cycle or property owner involved in a collision within the state – with $1000 or more damage to any one unit and/or injury to any person – must complete a Motor Vehicle Collision Report. However, if a police officer is present and indicates he/she will submit a collision report, then you are not required to submit one.
This site allows citizens involved in a collision to complete and submit the collision report and receive a report number.
When you have finished completing the form, print or save a copy for your records. All fields in RED are required.

Collision Date/Time

Enter the date and time of the collision or use the calendar and clock to select the date and time.

If you do not know the date and time that the collision occurred, use the date the damage was discovered and leave the time blank.