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WATCH Help System · Help Guide Page

·         This is the initial screen of the WATCH application. Information regarding the system is provided to the user.


1.          Selecting this link Login Using a Pre-Established Account will allow the user with a pre-established account to log into their WATCH account.

2.          Selecting this link Establish a New Credit Card Account will allow a user to create a new credit card account.

3.          Selecting this link will allow the user to send an email to watch.help@wsp.wa.gov. This email address should be used to send technical comments, questions, or inquiries.

4.          Selecting the ‘CRIMINAL HISTORY INFORMATION’ link will allow the user to send an email to crimhis@wsp.wa.gov. This email address should be used for questions regarding criminal history. Note: To ensure a response to an email, please include your name, daytime telephone number, email address, and postal address.

5.          The ‘View Legal Information’ link add Link will open up a new browser containing information pertaining to the Washington State Patrol (WSP) Web Site Privacy Notice.