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WATCH Help System · Help Guide Page

·         In order to continue from this page, you must FIRST register with the WSP and receive an Account name/number, a valid Username, and valid Password. If you have not registered, please register online at our  Create a New Credit Card Account  page. Or click on "FORMS" and print an application packet, fill out and fax or mail to the Section. If you have any problems logging in please contact the WSP at (360) 534-2000 Option 2.

Successful login requires the correct combination of three fields:

1.       Account: Enter your Account Number. If you do not know the correct Account Number, you will not be able to log into the system. In this case, your only option is to contact your account administrator to find the correct information.

2.       UserName: This is the user name you entered when registering with us. Typically, this is your first initial followed by your last name. This field is case insensitive. Either capital or lowercase letters are acceptable.

3.       Password: Enter your Password.

Alternative courses:

In the case that you provide the correct Account Number and UserName but cannot provide the correct Password, WATCH will provide the opportunity for you to  request a temporary password . This password is automatically e-mailed to you based on the email address provided in your user profile at the time of registration.