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Collision Analysis Tool
Collision Analysis Tool
Welcome to the Washington State Patrol Collision Analysis Tool (CAT). The Collision Analysis database stores collision data submitted by law enforcement officers. No analysis or quality assurance has been performed on the data in this database. This database contains collision data beginning from November 14, 2013 forward. For older data, please refer requests to the Collision Records Section at email: CollisionRecords@wsp.wa.gov.

This web page allows citizens and law enforcement agencies to perform complex queries and produce reports on collision data within their jurisdiction. These queries will answer questions such as:
  • How many DUI collisions occurred in a city during the past 30 days?
  • What types of collisions are occurring on Main Street?
  • What types of collisions are occurring at 5th street and Main?
  • What is the top Contributing Circumstance(s) for collisions in a jurisdiction?
NOTE: The geolocation of the collision data is an ongoing process, therefore the query results in the Map output option will differ from those in the Tabular option until such time as the geolocation effort is completed.

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