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Tribal Lottery System

Game-set: The set of game tickets

Game Themes: The overall graphic look of a game, 3 reels -v- 9 reels

TLS: Tribal Lottery System

VLT/PT or Player Terminal Video Lottery Terminal: The players interface

Payout: The amount paid to players on any particular game

  • The X-machines or Tribal Lottery System operate in a electronic environment dispensing digital scratch tickets from a centralized computer to a number of player terminals.
  • Just like one would buy a state lottery scratch ticket at your favorite store but in electronic form concentrated in one facility.
  • Each game-set has only one purchase price for the tickets and each ticket has an outcome associated with it. Each game-set must payout at least 75% of the total revenue it generates.
  • The size of game-sets may vary by the manufacturers and game theme.
  • Tickets are randomized and staked into subsets, which are dispensed to player terminals upon request and displayed in an entertaining graphics, which represents the outcome of the individual ticket received.
  • Manufacturers are able to have more than one game-set offered at any particular player terminal.
  • Some game themes have more than 40 game-sets associated with it.
  • Imagine a Multi line game theme. Where a player can choose multiple lines on digital reels, the more lines he chooses the higher the bet and each one a different game-set.
  • The total purchase price of any one-ticket can not go over $20.00 so the manufacturers structure multiple game-set themes very carefully.
  • Bonus themes are just another way to display a ticket outcome, revealing part of the win on one screen and the rest of the win in a bonus round which the player interacts with to display the total win.

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