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You can search by school name, partial school name, or city to find your student's school.

If your student participates in a home school program not listed, select "Home School".

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You must provide the student’s LEGAL name. This will allow us to match the College Bound application with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), an important step to receive the Scholarship
Please select your student's date of birth from the dropdown lists.
Find this number on your student’s MSP scores or ask the school counselor. It is important to list this number if you know it, but it is not required to complete the application.
Please provide the legal name of the parent/guardian to ensure accuracy.
As you type your mailing address, USPS address verification will create a dropdown of valid addresses. Please select your correct address from the list.
Providing your email is not required, but allows us to notify you of deadlines and information about receiving the Scholarship.
The phone number for the parent/guardian is not required, but allows us to contact them if we have questions regarding the application.
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