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Welcome to the OIC's Rates and Forms Filing Search Engine

The Rates & Forms Filing Search engine will allow you to search for Life, Health, Property and Casualty filings. There are several search options available.

In addition to performing searches, this site will allow you to view all publicly available filings. The approved retention period for rate and form filings is eight years. Additional instructions are located in the Help section

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please contact our office at pdr@oic.wa.gov or visit the Public Record’s web page. Our office will respond within five business days with the information requested or an estimated timeline for completion.

A separate Health Insurance Rate Changes database is available to search all individual and small group health insurance rate requests filed after July 1, 2011. Documentation on this site includes the original rate filing, a summary of the company’s request and the OIC’s final decision. You will also be able to post comments and sign up for email notifications when a company requests future rate changes.

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