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Welcome to Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s Health Carrier Financial Information Page.

This page was created as a result of legislation Commissioner Kreidler requested in 2006. Its purpose is to help consumers understand and compare the efficiency and financial condition of each health carrier in Washington.

In the past, it was nearly impossible for consumers to determine how much of their premium dollars were spent on delivering health care versus administrative costs or how much the carrier held in surplus.

Of course there are other factors to consider when shopping for insurance, but knowing how a potential carrier spends your health care dollars can aid in your selection process.

This page allows you to compare up to three carriers at a time. A comparison will show a variety of information including:

  • Medical loss ratio – how much a carrier pays out in benefits compared to the amount of premium they take in.
  • Administrative costs – this includes the total amount of general administrative costs as well as the five largest non-medical expenses.
  • Average monthly premium for each of the carrier’s plans
  • Amount of surplus
  • Profit margins

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