General Instructions

How to use the Health Carrier Information Comparison Site

You must use the blue menu buttons at the top of the screen to navigate through the Health Carrier Information Comparison site.

It may be helpful to print these these instructions before you begin your comparison.

From the main page, click the Start button. This brings you to the Data Year Selection screen.

Choose the year you wish to review from the drop down menu, and click the Continue button to the right of the drop down box.

Enter the name or beginning letters of the name of the company you wish to view in the Company Name search box and click the Search button.

A list will appear with the group of companies that start with those letters or have similar names in the Available Companies window below. To get a complete listing of companies, leave the Company Name search box blank and click Search button. This will produce an alphabetical listing of all companies.

From the Available Companies window, click to highlight the company you want to view, and then click the Add button below. The highlighted company will now appear in the Selected Companies window. You may repeat this process and add up to three companies for comparison.

To remove a company from the “Selected Companies” window, highlight the company and click the Remove button.

To start your search and comparison over, click the Reset button next to the Company Name search box at any time.

When you have added up to three companies to the Selected Companies window, click the Compare button. This will produce a PDF report for the companies selected.

To print or save a comparison, click on the appropriate button in your browser.

To close a report, click the x button in the upper right hand corner.