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RCW 43.88A requires that the Office of Financial Management (OFM) coordinate the development of fiscal impact statements (fiscal notes) on legislation or legislative proposals. OFM must also approve fiscal notes for form, accuracy, and completeness. The purpose of this process is to provide to the Legislature the estimated cost of legislation that is going through the legislative process.

With the start of the 2001 Legislative Session, the Office of Financial Management implemented a new Internet Fiscal Note System for use by the Legislature, state agencies, and OFM budget analysts for requesting, developing, reviewing, and approving fiscal notes. The results of this process are the published fiscal notes that can be found on this web page.

To search the fiscal notes, fill in the session year and at least one other search criteria in the boxes below, and press "Search." Alternatively, if you want just the fiscal note for a particular bill, fill in both the session year and the bill number, and press Search.

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