Disclosure Forms Help Screen

Becoming A User

  1. The Disclosure Forms application is a secure application. To register, an agency must complete the Disclosure Forms security form, have it signed by their agency director or designee, and send it to OFM. Click this link to view and print the security form.
  2. OFM will set up the designated Agency Administrator(s).
  3. The Agency Administrator(s) can then add agency user(s). A user can be given Edit access or View access. Edit access allows a user to enter/edit/change data in the disclosure forms for their agency. Users with View access cannot enter/edit/change data.


The logon screen provides security to the Disclosure Forms. To logon, enter your user ID (generally your email address), agency number (four characters) and password (case sensitive).

Forgot User ID

Click the “Forgot User ID” link on the logon screen to request your user ID. On the Forgot User ID screen enter your email and agency number and then click "Submit". When the information is validated, you will receive an email notification of your User ID.

Forgot Password

Your Agency Administrator does not know and cannot view your password. Click the "Forgot Password" link on the Logon screen. On the Forgot Password screen enter your user ID and your agency number and click "Submit". When the information is validated, you will receive an email notification of your temporary password. The first time you logon the application will require you to change your temporary password.

Your Agency Administrator can also reset your password for you.

Customer Assistance

For assistance contact Heidi Algiere at (360) 725-0182 / Heidi.Algiere@ofm.wa.gov or Sara Rupe at (360) 725-0189 / Sara.Rupe@ofm.wa.gov. If they are not available, please contact Julie Girard at (360) 725-0191 / Julie.Girard@ofm.wa.gov or Cheryl Hainje at (360) 725-0193 / Cheryl.Hainje@ofm.wa.gov.


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