Per Diem Rates

Travel rates set by the Office of Financial Management (OFM) establish reimbursement rates for state business travel within Washington State, the continental USA, the non-continental USA and foreign locations. OFM travel rates are derived from federal government rates.

Rate information can be obtained from the following state or federal web sites:

  • Washington State Per Diem Rate Map
    Links to a rate map provided through the "Inside Washington" web site.
  • OFM's Travel Page
    Including links to previous fiscal years' per diem maps.
  • GSA Per Diem Rates
    Links to the US Federal Per Diem rate page, in order to find out-of-state per diem rates.
  • City/County Locator
    Links to the National Association of Counties (NACo) search engine. Identifies the county a city is located in.
  • OFM Travel Rates
    A link to the OFM State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM) providing In-State and Out-of-State Per Diem Rates.