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  • Respiratory Protection and Training Videos

Video ID:  1538      Date:  2011      Minutes:  5/14     

Series of 11 videos (total 110 minutes) describing parts of 29 CFR 1910.34 includes: Respiratory Protection in General Industry (10:22 min.); Respiratory Protection in Construction (10:13 min.); Respirator Types (16:10 min); The Difference between Respirators and Surgical Masks (5:37 min.); Respirator Fit Testing (11 min.); Respirator Safety : Donning... (9:17 min.); Maintenance and Care of Respirators (9 min.); Medical Evaluations for Workers who Use Respirators (9:39 min.); Respiratory Protection Training Requirements (7:54 min.); Counterfeit and Altered Respirators (15:18 min.); and Voluntary Use of Respirators (5:38 min).

Subjects Covered:  Online Videos, Respirator Safety     

Formats Available:  DVD FormatOnline     

Closed Captioning/Subtitles:  Yes     

Languages Available:  English     

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