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  • Beyond Boot Camp USA : Rescue, Recover, Rewarm

Video ID:  1521      Date:  2010      Minutes:  84     

Provides viewers a deeper understanding of cold water immersion and training to help keep a hypothermic victim alive. Beyond boot camp lecture (ca. 56 min.) Rescue recover rewarm : extractions (ca. 9 min.) ; Rescue recover rewarm : transport (ca. 5 min.) ; Rescue recover rewarm : triage (ca. 9 min.). "This two part presentation contains: a complete course for Boating Safety Educators on the effects of Cold Water Immersion which compliments the NWSC Cold Water Immersion Survival and Rescue, Recover, Rewarm course ; effective techniques for First Responders on how to use the 3R's: rescue, recover, rewarm when dealing with a hypothermic victim"--Container.

Subjects Covered:  Boating Safety, Cold Stress, Online Videos, Water Safety     

Formats Available:  DVD FormatOnline     

Closed Captioning/Subtitles:  No     

Languages Available:  English     

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