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Video Details

  • Be Safe in the Woods

Video ID:  1490      Date:  2011      Minutes:  70     

The newest and most comprehensive video produced covering all aspects of logging and harvesting timber. In 5 parts: Driving & Transportation (5:27); PPE (8:19); Cutting (26:09); Rigging (14:46); and Landing (15:16). Funding and support provided by the State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries, Safety & Health Investments Projects. NOTE: Some older footage shows workers without proper PPE. Current requirements are that all workers wear high visibility vests. *Permission is granted to duplicate this video in its entirety only for non-commercial purposes.

Subjects Covered:  Logging & Forest Products, Online Videos     

Formats Available:  DVD Format       

Closed Captioning/Subtitles:  No     

Languages Available:  English     

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