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Video Details

  • Safety Videos 2005-2010 / Disk One

Video ID:  1469      Date:  2010      Minutes:  210     

Presents 14 videos describing investigations of chemical accidents by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board. 1. Death in the oilfield, 8:40 2. Fire from ice, propane release in Valero oil field, 13:21 3. Static sparks explosion in Kansas, 10:50 4. Emergency in Apex, 16:47 5. Anatomy of a disaster, explosion at BP, Texas City refinery, 55:21 6. Reactive hazards, uncontrolled chemical reactions, 20:20 7. Public worker safety, EVACO wastewater treatment plant explosion 1-11-2006, 7:49 8. Explosion and fire at Formosa Plastics (Illinois), 4-23-2004, 10:49 9. Hazards of nitrogen asphyxiation Valero Refinery, Delaware City, DE, 11-5-2005, 12:05 10. Fire and explosions at Formosa Plastics (Texas), 8:34 11. Dangers of propylene cylinders, 8:26 12. Ethylene oxide explosion at Sterigenics, 8-19-2004, Ontario, CA, 9:25 13. Dangers of flammable gas accumulation, ASCO Acetylene Plant, 1-25-2005, 6:41 14. Preventing harm from NaHS (sodium hydrosulfide), 6:43. This disk includes all videos released from the Chemical Safety Board between December 2005 and July 2008.

Subjects Covered:  Hazardous Substances/Materials, Industrial Safety, Online Videos, Process Safety Management     

Formats Available:  DVD Format       

Closed Captioning/Subtitles:  No     

Languages Available:  English     

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United States Chemical Safety Board

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