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  • All Hands on Deck & Sink a Germ
  • Manos a la obra, elimine los gĂ©rmenes

Video ID:  1123      Date:  2006      Minutes:  10     

"True confessions of a filthy, rotten, disgusting GERM." This germ, Xzzyzyz 1391, humorously engages the audience to "think like a germ." Focus is on effective handwashing plus ways to prevent recontamination. Shows how germs spread from "clean" hands to other objects and people. Includes 10 minute versions (English and Spanish) for Food Service, Health Care, and Young People. Bonus program about germs and infection control, "Sink a Germ" c1986(15 min) is for health care and hospital workers.

Subjects Covered:  Food Services Safety, Handwashing, Health Care Workers - Protection, Humorous, Infection Control, Young Workers     

Formats Available:  DVD Format     

Closed Captioning/Subtitles:  No     

Languages Available:  English / Spanish     

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