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The Most Powerful Thing...
  • Video ID: 1471
  • Minutes: 40
  • Date: 2007
  • Language(s): English
Description: A safety awareness video designed to help crew members be more aware of safety hazards on board purse seining vessels. Features interviews with fishermen about their experiences working around, and some cases being injured by, the capstan winch. The video highlights an engineering solution developed to help prevent injuries that occur as a result of getting entangled around a winch.
DVD FormatOnline
  • Video ID: 949
  • Minutes: 44
  • Date: 2005
  • Language(s): English
Description: Volume 1- 19 min. Volume 2 - 23 min. and Hazard Categories. Depicts actual fatal accidents, examines what went wrong and shows subsequent hazard abatement recommendations. Shows hazards in these categories: cranes, confined space, fall hazards, improper use of equipment, drowning, and lockout/tagout. Animated, but graphic.
DVD FormatOnline
  • Video ID: 1520
  • Minutes: 18
  • Date: 2011
  • Language(s): English
Description: Covers falls overboard which is the second leading cause of death among commercial fishermen. How to prevent falls with proper equipment. Training to prevent falls overboard and how to recover a person in the water. Produced in cooperation with CDC/NIOSH and Sea Grant, and Alaska Marine Safety and Education Association.
DVD FormatOnline
  • Video ID: 1526
  • Minutes: 25
  • Date: 2003
  • Language(s): English
Description: Awareness, prevention, and response training to breaches of security at maritime facilities. Covers the major security issues faced by the maritime industry. Topics: detecting suspicious activity; preventing theft, securing the perimeter, deterring smugglers and stowaways; petty thievery; grand larceny; and the growing threat of terrorism. Includes interactive test plus bonus material accessible on computer.
DVD Format
  • Video ID: 1060
  • Minutes: 30
  • Date: 1998
  • Language(s): English
Description: An introduction to the characteristics of lines used on the inland waterways and the dangers of working with lines such as line snapback, stepping in the bight of the line, back safety and fall overboard hazards.
VHS FormatDVD Format
  • Video ID: 1518
  • Minutes: 7
  • Date: 2007
  • Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Begins with a few compelling testimonies from workers who observed fatalities of coworkers. Program encourages constant observation of vehicles in the shipyard work environment. Covers High-risk areas, safe work practices and communicating with operators of vehicles. Keywords: longshore, waterfront, traffic, pedestrians, vehicles. Additional resource material on DVD-ROM accessible only on computer which includes PowerPoint type presentation and facilitator guide.
DVD FormatClosed Captioning / Subtitles
  • Video ID: 1516
  • Minutes: 11
  • Date: 2007
  • Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: The volume of railcars on the waterfront is increasing and longshore workers need to know how to work safely around them. Teaches safe work practices for rail operations, role of the rail clerk, and reviews precautions and necessary procedures when working around trains. Additional resource material on DVD-ROM, accessible only on computer, which includes PowerPoint type presentation and facilitator guide. Keywords: docks, longshore, rail, waterfront locomotive.
DVD FormatClosed Captioning / Subtitles