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We found 4 video(s) with subject of Chainsaw Safety.
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Video ID: 969 Minutes: 4 Date: 2002 Language(s): English
Description: DVD format available. A brief, but graphic demonstration of the devastating effects of the chainsaw on various materials; jeans; old chaps; state of the art chaps. L & I Production. Permission is granted to tape or duplicate the program in its entirety for non-commercial purposes. See also V1204 or V1251.
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Video ID: 176 Minutes: 19 Date: 1993 Language(s): English
Description: A two part video on the safe use of chainsaws in sawmills. Part 1 Discusses tips to safe chainsaw use in: saw selection, inspection, operations and hazards and PPE. Part 2 covers: hazardous environments in sawmills; log decks, edgers, conveyors and sorters.
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Video ID: 968 Minutes: 20 Date: 2000 Language(s): English
Description: Part 1: (12 min.) Covers inspection and maintenance of the chainsaw. Stresses wearing proper protective equipment when handling a chainsaw in the mill environment. Part 2 : (8 min.) Chainsaw Maintenance. Details maintenance including cleaning, and inspection of chainsaw parts and proper body mechanics.
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Video ID: 1295 Minutes: 28 Date: 2008 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Covers the safe use of chain saws, appropriate PPE and how to do an inspection/safety check of the saw. Shows how chain saw kickback and poor work practices are the greatest hazards of chainsaw use and how quickly accidents can occur. Includes an interview of a man who survived a life-threatening chain saw injury. Includes brief wood-carving demonstation by Bob King, award-winning chain saw artist. Permission is granted to duplicate the program in its entirety for non-commercial purposes.
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