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We found 4 video(s) with subject of Silica.
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  • Video ID: 1527
  • Minutes: 10
  • Date: 1998
  • Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Identifies some of the major health hazards associated with foundry work, while illustrating hazard control through ventilation and isolation. Abatement techniques to reduce silica sand exposure are featured. Discusses both administrative and physical controls to avoid health hazards found in typical metal melting and casting processes. Limited to silica and dust control. NOTE: You must use a DVD player to be able to view this video; the files aren't compatible for a computer.
DVD FormatOnline
  • Video ID: 1025
  • Minutes: 15
  • Date: 1999
  • Language(s): Spanish
Description: Demonstrates to employees the importance of reporting close call incidents correcting hazards, unsafe conditions, emergency response, controlling emotions, and avoiding complacency in safety procedures. Industrial work environment. English version is #1012.
DVD Format
  • Video ID: 1292
  • Minutes: 14
  • Date: 2008
  • Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Gives detailed information about silica, exposures and health effects. Shows common exposures to and hazards of Crystalline Silica. Describes how to prevent exposure in the workplace and best safety practices. Subtitles. Note - Code violations! Shows organic vapor cartridge (black) with silica exposure. Respirator needs to be P100; P100 is purple for particulates. Includes Facilitator guide on CD.
DVD FormatClosed Captioning / Subtitles
Save Your Breath : Silicosis Awareness on the Construction Site
  • Video ID: 1012
  • Minutes: 15
  • Date: 1999
  • Language(s): English
Description: Training for prevention of silicosis among cement masons. Defines silicosis and risk factors. Describes hazardous working conditions, safety procedures, and PPE. Produced by Oregon and SW Washington Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program. Spanish version #1025
DVD Format