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We found 5 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of road rage.
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Video ID: 1136 Minutes: 94 Date: 2005 Language(s): English
Description: Collection of 9 videos on DVD, each running 8-12 minutes. Some titles are: Seat Belts; NASCAR Family Tragedy; Road Rage; A Safer State at .08; Zero Tolerance; Drowsy Driving; Designer Drugs; New Intermediate Drivers License; Impaired Driving with Legal Drugs. NOTE: This DVD plays best on DVD player, rather than on a computer.
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Video ID: 831 Minutes: 20 Date: 2000 Language(s): English
Description: Analyzes the four stages of road rage and the steps drivers can take to keep themselves from becoming a victim of violence. Covers: cell phone use, other devices, and distractions while driving. Stresses the importance of safe driving for those who drive company vehicles. NOTE: Handheld cell phone usage while driving is illegal in Washington State.
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Video ID: 817 Minutes: 16 Date: 1999 Language(s): English
Description: Identifies the term road rage and potential hazards. Gives steps for reducing the risk and what actions to take if confronted by an aggressive driver.
DVD Format
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Video ID: 1163 Minutes: 8 Date: 2005 Language(s): English
Description: Update of V0856 with new statistics and more recent incidents. This shorter version reminds everyone to steer clear of aggressive drivers, practice good driving habits and keep calm behind the wheel.
VHS Format
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Video ID: 1229 Minutes: 94 Date: 2007 Language(s): English
Description: 10 popular full length DVD programs. Titles: Road Rage (9 min.), Street Racing (13 min), Safety State at .08% (12 min.), Seat Belt Education (10 in.), Buckling up Children (10 min.), NASCAR Family Tragedy (11 min.), Over the Counter (10 min.), Designer Drugs and RAVE Events (8 min.), Drowsy Driving - Shattered Lives (12 min.) and Intermediate Driver License (8 min.)
DVD Format
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