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We found 2 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Stairs.
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Video ID: 1507 Minutes: 8 Date: 2010 Language(s): English
Description: Specific to restaurant work environment. Addresses causes of slips, trips and falls, prevention techniques, housekeeping, footwear. behaviors that lead to falls, falls on stairs, and ladders.
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Video ID: 1086 Minutes: 10 Date: 2000 Language(s): English
Description: Promotes safety awareness among roofing contractors and workers. Covers: Housekeeping & access around site; scaffolds & other work platforms; guardrail construction, stairs and ladders, PPE, fall protection, tools and equipment, and electrical. NOTE: WISHA standards require protection on holes larger than 1 foot.
VHS Format    
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