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We found 5 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Material Handling.
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  • Video ID: 1385
  • Minutes: 15
  • Date: 2009
  • Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Shows safe manual lifting and material stacking techniques and the safe use of hand trucks and manual pallet jacks.
DVD FormatClosed Captioning / Subtitles
  • Video ID: 1632
  • Minutes: 20
  • Date: 2013
  • Language(s): English
Description: Two of the main causes of injuries to material handling workers are attempting to show off to their co-workers and not wanting to take time to get the proper equipment or ask for help. This leads to workers struggling to lift and carry materials which are too heavy to be moved safely. In order to move objects safely, employees must be well trained in safe material handling techniques while also maintaining the proper attitude and state of mind to use their training each time they lift or move an object.

This 20 minute program discusses the techniques, precautions and safe work practices you can follow so that when an object must be moved, you are able to "move it safely."
Limited Access
  • Video ID: 1488
  • Minutes: 19
  • Date: 2010
  • Language(s): English
Description: Raises awareness of the impact of musculoskeletal disorders on employees in offices. Describes how the back works and the risk factors for material handling injuries. Demonstrates the principles of safe lifting in the office. Comes with a CD containing a training manual and training Q&A. Funny!
DVD FormatClosed Captioning / Subtitles
  • Video ID: 1172
  • Minutes: 24
  • Date: 2006
  • Language(s): English
Description: Orientation showing 2 minute overviews and reenactments of accidents on 12 topics: risk assessment; housekeeping; slips, trips & falls; hazardous substances; electrical hazards; work equipment safety; PPE; material handling; fire; confined spaces; and outdoor work. Includes a CD with Leader's Manual and quiz.
DVD Format
  • Video ID: 1357
  • Minutes: 22
  • Date: 2010
  • Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: An orientation of warehouse hazards and safety precautions including housekeeping, ladder safety, hazard communication, personal protective equipment, ergonomics, safe material handling, back safety, forklift safety, and loading dock safety. Includes customizable Power-Point presentation and printable leader's guide. In Spanish, Portuguese and French. Subtitles in English only.
DVD FormatClosed Captioning / Subtitles