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We found 5 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Machine Guarding.
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Video ID: 680 Minutes: 13 Date: 1996 Language(s): English
Description: Shows the risks associated with mechanical hazard and safe work procedures. Describes fixed guards, distant guards, adjustable guards, self-adjusting guards, interlocked guards, and trip devices.
VHS Format    
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Video ID: 911 Minutes: 24 Date: 2001 Language(s): English
Description: A series of scenarios showing unsafe acts or conditions AND the safe way. Topics include: driving safety, PPE, slips, trips & falls, machine guarding, and safe operating procedures. The video can be presented in segments that focus on a particular topic, or it can be utilized in its entirety. Alternate title: What Went Wrong?
VHS Format  DVD Format  
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Video ID: 1453 Minutes: 13 Date: 2009 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Shows how accidents can be avoided through correct use of machine guards and safety devices. Describes safety devices, lockout/tagout, and PPE. Additional resource material on DVD-ROM, includes PowerPoint type presentation. Subtitles in English only. Also includes Portuguese version.
  DVD Format  Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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Video ID: 1528 Minutes: 14 Date: 1997 Language(s): English
Description: Provides machine guarding training and basic safety rules for working around machines and conveyors. The first 9 minutes show general machine safety. The last 5 minutes covers conveyors. Shooting locations include manufacturing, warehousing and assembly operations, food processing facilities, and machine shops.
  DVD Format  
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Video ID: 1029 Minutes: 13 Date: 1998 Language(s): English
Description: Designed for mechanics and maintenance persons. Orientation of the more important safety requirements of these positions. Covers: electrical safety, fire extinguishers, machine guarding and PPE.
VHS Format    
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