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We found 4 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Leg Protection.
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Video ID: 1251 Minutes: 100 Date: 2008 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: A mini safety library on one DVD! Four L&I produced videos with versions in English and Spanish: "Eye Protection - Protéjase sus Ojos y la Vista"; "Forklift Pedestrian Safety - La Seguridad de Peatones que Trabajan Cerca de Montacargas"; " Stay in the Cage - Permanezca dentro del Armazón Manténgase a Salvo"; and "Silent Killer (CO) - El Asesino Silencioso: Los Riesgos de los Montacargas de Propano". Plus 2 titles in English only: "Back Your Back" and "Chainsaw Leg Protection."
  DVD Format  
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Video ID: 969 Minutes: 4 Date: 2002 Language(s): English
Description: DVD format available. A brief, but graphic demonstration of the devastating effects of the chainsaw on various materials; jeans; old chaps; state of the art chaps. L & I Production. Permission is granted to tape or duplicate the program in its entirety for non-commercial purposes. See also V1204 or V1251.
VHS Format  DVD Format  
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Video ID: 1204 Minutes: 64 Date: 2006 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Eight high impact programs on one DVD! Titles: Chainsaw Leg Protection; Eye Protection (Eng/Sp); Lead in Construction; Forklift Pedestrian Safety (Eng/Sp); Stay in the Cage (Eng/Sp). Programs are 4-10 minutes long. Production years 2002-2006.
  DVD Format  
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Video ID: 461 Minutes: 18 Date: 1995 Language(s): English
Description: Personal protective equipment is used in a wide variety of applications. Covers: Head protection; Hearing protection; Eye protection; Eye and face protection; Respiratory protection; Hand and arm protection; Foot and leg protection; Skin protection; Trunk and abdomen protection; and Whole body protection.
VHS Format    
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