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We found 2 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Hexavalent Chromium.
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Video ID: 1359 Minutes: 48 Date: 2009 Language(s): English
Description: Developed to raise awareness among Washington state welders and their employers about chrome 6, the standard, health effects of exposure and best practices for exposure control with an emphasis on local exhaust ventilation. Divided into six modules 10 minutes or less. Funding & support for this project has been provided by the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries' Safety & Health Investment Projects.
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Video ID: 1236 Minutes: 14 Date: 2007 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Hex chrome or chrome 6 (or VI) affects workers in many industries including stainless steel, welding, paint and plastics manufacturing and wood production. Training for general industry. Includes permissible exposure limits, air monitoring, medical surveillance, respiratory protection and PPE. Instructor Guide and quiz on CD. Subtitles for each version.
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