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We found 3 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Grounding.
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  • Video ID: 557
  • Minutes: 13
  • Date: 1995
  • Language(s): English
Description: VHS only. Proper grounding techniques for employees who work around potentially deadly electrical power. Covers: Grounding, Installing and removing grounds, Choosing the right equipment.
VHS Format
  • Video ID: 884
  • Minutes: 16
  • Date: 2000
  • Language(s): English
Description: Developed to create a better understanding of electricity and how it travels, this program examines basic principles of electricity, reviews safe work conditions and procedures, and demonstrates the correct response to emergencies. Key points: Electrical circuits; Insulators & conductors; Electrical paths; Grounding; and Circuit protection.
VHS FormatClosed Captioning / Subtitles
  • Video ID: 1626
  • Minutes: 20
  • Date: 2014
  • Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: This 26 minute program provides viewers with a general understanding of how electricity works while showing them the actions they can take to prevent becoming part of an energized electrical circuit.

Topics include why electricity is dangerous, resistance and Ohm's law, two electrical safety concepts, grounding, avoiding electrical contact, safe work practices, use of double-insulated tools and GFCIs and response to a shock event.
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