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We found 3 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Exposure Limits.
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Video ID: 1344 Minutes: 18 Date: 2008 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Gives overview of types of chemicals in the workplace. Covers: OSHA's Hazard Communications Standard, physical and health hazards, exposure limits, and how to keep to keep exposure to safe levels. Lists the information found on Material Safety Data Sheets and labels.
  DVD Format  Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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Video ID: 1236 Minutes: 14 Date: 2007 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Hex chrome or chrome 6 (or VI) affects workers in many industries including stainless steel, welding, paint and plastics manufacturing and wood production. Training for general industry. Includes permissible exposure limits, air monitoring, medical surveillance, respiratory protection and PPE. Instructor Guide and quiz on CD. Subtitles for each version.
  DVD Format  Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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Video ID: 1455 Minutes: 19 Date: 2002 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Provides an introduction to laboratory safety. Covers the requirements of OSHA's chemical hygiene plan requirement, exposure limits, MSDSs, and labels. Additional resource material on DVD-ROM, includes PowerPoint type presentation. Also in Spanish, French and Portuguese. Subtitles in English only.
  DVD Format  Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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