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We found 5 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Asbestos.
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Video ID: 431 Minutes: 23 Date: 1994 Language(s): English
Description: VHS only. Coverage under OSHA standards is based on exposure levels determined either by atmospheric monitoring of fiber levels or by the nature of any work operations that involve asbestos exposure. Covers: Basic concepts, protective measures, exposure control programs, and emergency clean-up. For DVD order #1404.
VHS Format    Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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Video ID: 1404 Minutes: 24 Date: 2008 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Describes basic OSHA principles and work practices to help employees control their exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. Additional materials & PowerPoint on DVD-ROM. Subtitles in English only.
  DVD Format  Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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Video ID: 1217 Minutes: 26 Date: 2004 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Introductory asbestos awareness training for employees. Details the risks of exposure and procedures to minimize exposure. Covers: crysotile, amosite and crocidolite; adverse health effects; hazard communication; personal protection; and housekeeping requirements. English, Spanish and Portuguese versions. DVD-ROM has PowerPoint presentation and quiz.
  DVD Format  Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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Video ID: 432 Minutes: 16 Date: 1994 Language(s): English
Description: VHS only. For DVD order #1482. Every day lines and equipment must be opened for different reasons. Safely managing the materials flowing through that pipeline system is the focus of this program. Covers: Line and equipment opening; establishing an effective safety program; Lockout/Tagout; line breaking procedures/post procedures; and emergency response. Code Violation: Shows workers removing asbestos containing materials. DOSH standards require workers be asbestos certified. DOSH standards don't mention "LEO" procedures, but are covered under lockout/tagout.
VHS Format    
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Video ID: 1069 Minutes: 29 Date: 1990 Language(s): English
Description: Documents the history of risks to workers' health from the Triangle Shirt Factory fire in the early 20th century to the present, including asbestos, mining, pesticides, and computer terminals. Studs Terkel, narrator. Available in DVD format.
  DVD Format  
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