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We found 3 video(s) with either title or description (or both) of Anhydrous Ammonia.
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Video ID: 1580 Minutes: 19 Date: 2007 Language(s): English / Spanish
Description: Hazard awareness and a good introduction for non-maintenance and non-responding workers at plants using commercial refrigeration. Describes the attributes of anhydrous ammonia. Reviews the use of PPE for eye and skin exposure, but briefly comments on use of respirators. There is an introduction to plant evacuation on a release. The program is not complete on leak assessment, respirator use, and emergency response. Subtitles in English and Spanish NOTE: Shows a worker appropriately wearing a SCBA, but entering alone a area descrbled as potential IDLH for ammonia. Additional training materials included on CD.
  DVD Format  Closed Captioning / Subtitles
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Video ID: 491 Minutes: 19 Date: 1995 Language(s): English
Description: VHS only. Covers basic facts, personal protective equipment, emergency response and effects of ammonia on the body. Emphasizes the dangers of exposure and how to prevent release.
VHS Format    
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Video ID: 449 Minutes: 27/33 Date: 1994/2008 Language(s): English
Description: DVD comes with CD with PowerPoint Presentation, leaders guide, test, references, and full script. Designed to provide emergency response personnel who may be called upon to respond to a leak, spill or a fire involving this hazardous chemical, anhydrous ammonia. The program also discusses inverted plumes, in which deadly vapors remain close to the ground rather than dispersing into the upper atmosphere. DVD version has additional chapters on first aid and decon. VHS is c.1995.
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