Verify Workers' Comp Premium Status: Risk Classification Information

A Risk Classification is a basic grouping of businesses or industries having common or similar exposure to loss. Each risk classification has a basic premium rate assigned to capture the cost of treating injured workers in that risk classification.

Each individual employer's rate is adjusted annually from the basic rate by their claim experience (an experience factor).

The rates for each of this account's risk classifications are listed below. These are the current rates as of the last rate notice , generated on 12/12/2018 .

Business Name:
Legal Business Name:
UBI #: 000 000 000
Account #: 241,955-00

Click below on the risk classification to see the complete description in the WAC administrate rules.

Results for account: " 241,955-00 " shown below.
Effective DateRisk ClassificationComposite RateEmployee Deduction
01/01/2019 0217 01 Concr Found/Flatwork-Wood Bldg 2.42450.44430
01/01/2019 0510 00 Wood Frame Bldg Construction 4.39340.82455
01/01/2019 0516 02 Bldg Repair/Remodeling NOC 2.67810.49250
01/01/2019 4904 00 Clerical Office NOC & Draftsmn 0.14580.06315

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