Did you know ...
...that under Washington State law*, you may be liable for the unpaid workers' compensation (industrial insurance) premiums of any business you hire or contract with? (*See RCW 51.12.070 )

In the construction industry, you can protect yourself from liability for your subcontractor's unpaid premiums. Click here to see what you have to do.

L&I will track a contractor for you and tell you if their status changes.

If this is a contractor whose premiums and license are current, a "Submit Contractor Tracking Request" link will appear in the certificate below. Click it to fill out a Tracking Request. If the contractor fails to pay workers' comp premiums or renew their contractor registration or if their electrical contractor license is suspended or revoked within one year of the start-date on your tracking request, L&I will send you a notification letter.

Results for account: " 366,795-00 " shown below.

Department of Labor and Industries

Employer Liability Certificate

Date:  03/28/2020

UBI #:   600 190 394 -- Check for active Department of Revenue tax account.
Legal Business Name:   ABENROTH PAUL A & M DIANE
Account #:   366,795-00
'Doing Business As' Name:   ABENROTH BUILDERS
Estimated Workers Reported:
(See Description Below)
  Quarter 4 of Year 2019 ''1 to 3 Workers''
Workers' Comp Premium Status:   Account is current. Firm has voluntarily reported and paid their premiums.
Licensed Contractor?
Expire Date:

Yes -- Get contractor's license history.

Submit Contractor Tracking Request here to be notified if this contractor's premium or license status changes during the next year.

Risk Classification:   Get risk classification information.
Experience Factor:   Get experience factor history.
Account Representative:   T0 / KRISTI LINN (360)902-4620 - Email: LINB235@lni.wa.gov

What does "Estimated Workers Reported" mean?

Estimated workers reported represents the number of full time position requiring at least 480 hours of work per calendar quarter. A single 480 hour position may be filled by one person, or several part time workers.

Industrial Insurance Information

Employers report and pay premiums each quarter based on hours of employee work already performed, and are liable for premiums found later to be due. Industrial insurance accounts have no policy periods, cancellation dates, limitations of coverage or waiver of subrogation (See RCW 51.12.050 and 51.16.190 ).

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