Fuel price update

Moved: OPIS fuel pricing is no longer displayed on this page as of 5/1/13. Fuel contract pricing is now available on the DES website.

The reference pricing previously displayed on this page was pulled from DES’s Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) subscription. For many years OPIS granted the state a waiver allowing DES to display reference pricing for our state contracts. OPIS asked us to discontinue posting OPIS references effective 5/1/13. To meet DES’s subscription obligation, DES removed the OPIS references pricing in favor of contractor pricing via an Excel spreadsheet. Customers needing access to OPIS references may contact OPIS for subscription details and pricing. If you have any questions please contact Keith Farley, Contracts Specialist – Fuels Desk, at keith.farley@des.wa.gov.



RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure) applies to gasoline only. Per Federal Regulations RVP