Building Code Council to Update State Rules as Well as Council Bylaws
 --Opportunity for first round of input begins now--
   The State Building Code Council is seeking public input as it updates its state rules as well as its bylaws. The purpose of both updates is the same: to improve clarity and transparency, to ensure a fair process for all stakeholders, and to encourage effective participation in developing state building codes.
  For more information, please see the 2016 Review of Policies, Procedures & Bylaws page. To review comments received click this link.

Rulemaking Update:
The SBCC has adopted the 2015 editions of the IBC, IRC, IFC, IMC and UPC with state amendments; 
and the 2015 Washington State Energy Code. The 2015 codes are effective on July 1, 2016.  To view the amendments in html format, go to the Legislative website; for the pdf insert pages, see the State Building Code page. 

Cannabis Issues TAG Update: The TAG completed their review of IFC Chapter 38 and developed new recommended language. Next step is rulemaking, to include public hearings in the fall. The Council took action on June 10 for the renewal of the emergency rules, and to move forward with permanent rulemaking.  See the updated emergency rule that incorporates the TAGs changes by clicking these links:
Ch 1/Permits 
and - Ch 38/ Marijuana Processing or Extraction Facilities

Emergency Rules adopted:

Modify WAC 51-51-0301
Language in the 2015 IRC poses a possible safety hazard due to an inconsistency with Table R301.5. At their June 10th meeting, the Council opted to declare an emergency rule effective July 1, 2016 to correct this issue. Click here for more information.

Group E Alarms
In response to Legislative direction, the Council took action at their May 13 meeting to adopt an emergency rule regarding Group E  and Group I-4 emergency voice-alarms.  Click here to review the rule as adopted.

We want to hear from you!  Please click above to connect with us about:
  • Any code related questions;
  • Process improvement suggestions;
  • Washington State amendments;
  • How to submit a code change proposal.

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Council Meeting Documents (check back often for updated links)   Please note this site works best with Explorer as your browser. PDF files may not open properly when using Chrome.         


     Oct 5 |  Executive Committee Meeting, 1 pm
                    DES Bldg,  Room 2330, Olympia  

     Oct 14 |  Council Meeting/Public Hearings, 10 am
                  DES Presentation Room,        Olympia
Note: Due to anticipated severe weather conditions, please remember that it is not necessary to attend the meeting or the public hearing in person. Links for WebEx as well as phone conference numbers are posted on the meeting agenda; written public comments will be accepted until close of business on October 21, 2016. Safety First!

    Nov 18 |  Council Meeting, 10 am
                     DES Presentation Room, Olympia




 For past meeting info, see the Technical Advisory Group or   Meeting Schedules & Agendas tab, as appropriate
 Economic Workgroup 2016 -  Membership List

The State Building Council
is a state agency created by the legislature to provide independent analysis and objective advice to the legislature and the Governor's Office on state building code issues.  The Council establishes the minimum building, mechanical, fire, plumbing and energy code requirements necessary to promote the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state of Washington, by reviewing, developing and adopting the state building code.  

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