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Lamps and Ballasts    
Contract#:  07510   Replaces: 08596, 00802     

All state agencies, plus political subdivisions, higher education institutions and other members of the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative, may use the contract (mandatory for WA state-level agencies). This contract does not include lighting fixtures.

Current Term Start Date: 10-28-2013 Award Date: 09-09-2011 Est. Annual Worth: $1,198,358
Current Term Stop Date: 10-28-2017 Final Term End On: 10-27-2019 Commodity Code(s): 285-06 ,285-50 ,285-55 ,559-55 ,906-58 ,912-32
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 4
 Who can use this contract?
  • Washington State agencies
  • Qualified Cooperative Members (Political Subdivisions/Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Participating Colleges, Universities, Community & Technical Colleges
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  • Solicitation Document - Original
  • Solicitation Amendment
  • Solicitation Results Summary - Bid Tab
  • Contract Comments
  • Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback
  • Best-buy Notification
Information about the number of bids received is included to show:
  • Vendors which contracts would benefit from more competition.
  • Assure our customers that we sought the best overall value through as many competitive bids as possible.