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Contract#:  06507   Replaces: 03703, 06397    Related Contracts: 03703 
This contract was rebid under solicitation 00612 and awarded to Voyager on 4/23/13, Effective 01/01/14. However, this contract will remain in effect until 3/31/15 to allow customers ample time to transition over to Voyager.

This contract can be used for the purchase of fleet related prducts and services. Because of the MasterCard logo on the card, it is accepted anywhere a major credit card is accepted, and transactions can be viewed in real time. You also have ability to manage your program online, for example;

1) Order, cancel, and re-issue cards
2) Adjust card controls
3) Dispute transactions

The Comdata card offers multiple controls on cards of your choice. You can set controls at the agency, program, or individual card level. The types of controls you have available are:

1) Fuel Only
2) Fuel and Other
3) Pay at the Pump Only
4) Merchant Catagory Codes
5) Level 3 Reporting Locations Only

Cards can be issued to a vehicle or a driver. The Comdata card offers an annual prompt pay incentive. Comdata offers Roadside Assistance through NAC (National Automobile Company). For more information, see the Fleet Card webpage at State of Washington Fleet Credit Card. The card is accepted in over 2400 locations that provide level 3 data (line item detail) including merchant, sales, tax, and type of fuel purchased. There are over 5700 pumps that provide "Pay at the Pump" capability.
Important Note: As Washington customers use more locations, they will be added to the list of accepting locations. Custom files can be created for interface with your fleet management system.
Current Term Start Date: 04-01-2013 Award Date: 03-24-2008 Est. Annual Worth: $30,000,000
Current Term Stop Date: 03-31-2015 Final Term End On: 03-31-2018 Commodity Code(s): 946-10, 946-35
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 3
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  • Washington State agencies
  • Qualified Cooperative Members (Political Subdivisions/Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Participating Colleges, Universities, Community & Technical Colleges
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