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Steel Light Standards&Components;Roadway Lumi    
Contract#:  03207   Replaces: 02101, 00300    Related Contracts: 10402 

DES MANAGEMENT FEE: The following are the only contractors authorized to reflect the management fee as a separate line item (SLI) on the invoice:
Consolidated Electrical Devices (CED)

•Items listed on contract are critical to traffic safety
•Maximizes the state’s collective buying power
•Extremely competitive pricing
•Recycle your guardrail on contract 10402

Current Term Start Date: 06-11-2007 Award Date: 06-04-2007 Est. Annual Worth: $69,112
Current Term Stop Date: 09-10-2013 Final Term End On: 09-10-2013 Commodity Code(s): 285-06, 285-54, 285-56
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 2
 Who can use this contract?
  • Washington State agencies
  • Qualified Cooperative Members (Political S