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Impact Attenuators    
Contract#:  02311   Replaces: 00805     
This contract provides impact attenuators and repair parts.
Provide Impact Attenuators as needed for different highway situations, including repair parts for damaged attenuators.

DES MANAGEMENT FEE: The following are the only contractors authorized to reflect the management fee as a separate line item (SLI) on the invoice:
Zumar Industries Incorporated

Current Term Start Date: 07-26-2011 Award Date: 07-26-2011 Est. Annual Worth: $299,795
Current Term Stop Date: 07-25-2015 Final Term End On: 07-25-2017 Commodity Code(s): 765-61 ,765-77
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE
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  • Washington State agencies
  • Qualified Cooperative Members (Political Subdivisions/Non-Profit Organizations)
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