Contract Updates

Contract Number: 10402 Collection and Recycling of Scrap Metal  

01-29-2009 :  This contract is coming up on its max-term end-date. Based on customer feedback to-date, it will be rebid. Customer feedback is requested up until Friday, February 6, 2009. The Contracts Specialist is currently developing a new IFB, and expects to go out to bid no later than the end of February.
06-04-2008 :  Amendment changing the company from Joseph Simon & Sons, Inc. to Simon Metals LLC dba Joseph Simon & Sons has been fully executed with an effective date of June 6, 2008.
03-31-2008 :  Scrap Metal contract number 10402 has been extended for one year to its maximum term end-date of 03/31/2009.
02-27-2008 :  The Scrap Metal contract is being evaluated for extension.
01-23-2008 :  OSP administration for this contract was transferred to Kirsten Taylor, effective December 14, 2007.
03-10-2006 :  Contract 10402 was extended for another 24 month under same terms, condition, and fee structure.
03-09-2005 :  Collection and Recycling of Scrap Metal contract # 10402 has been extended till March 31, 2006.
04-14-2003 :  Awarded contract to mulitple contractors for two years, effective date 4-1-03.