Contract Updates

Contract Number: 10103 CI- Umbrella Contract  

02-22-2018 :  In order to meet fiscal year end delivery and invoicing requirements, Correctional Industries has identified the following order cut-off dates for delivery by June 30, 2018: Standard/90-day* – March 19, 2018, Standard/60-day – April 16, 2018, Standard/30-day** – May 25, 2018, Fast Fulfillment/7-day*** – June 20, 2018. After these dates, Correctional Industries will review requests and accept orders based on product type and quantity.
10-04-2017 : CONTRACT REBID STATUSCI and DES have had meetings to disperse the items on this contract into new contracts in the near future. As the dispursement cannot be completed by the expiration of the contract, it will be extended until the redispursement of items can be completed without a lapse in coverage, and contract users should not see interruptions.
09-18-2017 : CONTRACT REBID STATUSDES and CI will be meeting at the end of September to discuss upon which contracts to add the items offered herein, which to discontinue, and which new contracts may result from dismantling this contract.
05-02-2017 :  Correctional Industries sets invoice deadlines for fiscal-year-end delivery In order to meet invoicing requirements for delivery by fiscal year’s end, Correctional Industries (CI) has identified the following order cutoff dates for delivery by June 30, 2017. Standard/30-day – May 30, 2017 Fast fulfillment/7-day – June 22, 2017. Contact DES contracts specialist Bradley DeVol, (360) 407-7920, with questions about the schedule.
10-31-2016 :  K10103 has been extended to 10/31/2017.
10-17-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSCI has received and is in the process of fully executing an amendment to extend this contract until 11/1/2017, or until the new CI Contract Template is approved as to form by DES and CI legal counsel, and the contract updated into the pending template.
12-30-2015 :  CONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: The Office Operations Team will be the new contact for DES. The Office Operations Team can be reached by phone at 360-407-2212 and by email at
11-25-2015 :  CONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: The new Contracts Specialist is Christopher Martinez. Christopher can be reached by phone at 360-407-8226 and by email at
10-30-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract Extension was reviewed by Christine Warnock on 10.29.2014 and given back to Alisha Ghanie on 10.29.2014. Edits were implemented and the 2nd review was sent back to Christine Warnock on 10.30.2014.
10-30-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract 10103 will be extended for an additional 2 years. The next term will begin November 1, 2014 and end October 31, 2016. There will be one additional contract extension year, October 31, 2017 the contract will be at the end of its final term.
10-30-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSUsage on the contract: 2013 Q3: $400,569, 2013 Q4:$401,691, 2014 Q1:$148,723. Vendor is working to report sales for quarter 2 and 3 of this year. From customer feedback, the contract is a necessity and provides value added to the state by reducing administrative time and effort.
10-30-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUS6 Vendor Report Cards were received for Contract 10103. 5 out of the 6 report cards-reported they would like to see the current contract extended with the current vendor. Follow up phone conversations occurred with all 6 reporters. The 1 customer that said not to extend with the current vendor had several issues- I am working with the vendor to improve issues around back orders and institutional furniture (this is a different contract that will be looked at with the customer and DES). All feedback received for performance and quality for the vendor was rated at or above satisfactory.
10-30-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSOn 10.15.14, CI Umbrella Contract extension amendment was sent to Cameron Hood for review and signature back to DES before 10.31.14.
10-07-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSPrevious contract amendments had a mistake with the number of amendments. The last amendment was labeled number 8 but it was actually number 9. There was a duplicate of number 7. This current extension that is in the process of being done will be number 10.
10-07-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSBroadcast sent to the inbox to go out 10.17.14: Extended CI Umbrella Contract (#10103) The CI Umbrella contract (#10103) with Correctional Industries is due to expire Oct. 31, 2014. The contract will be extended through Oct. 31, 2016. If you have feedback or questions regarding the contract, please contact Enterprise Service Master Contracts Specialist Alisha Ghanie, (360) 407-9033.
10-07-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSFollow up email sent to Jim Schnellman to send the Vendor Report Card to his staff. The email asked for feedback to be turned in by October 15, 2014.
10-07-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSVendor Report Card notifications were sent to DSHS, DNR and LNI.
09-29-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract 10103 has a stop date of 10/31/2014. Research is being conducted to extend the contract.
08-13-2014 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: Jennifer Burbage is no longer the Contracts Specialist for this contract. The new Contracts Specialist is Alisha Ghanie. Alisha can be reached by phone at 360-407-9033 and by email at
01-29-2014 :  Contract will be up for Extension 10/31/2014 Contract Specialist Jennifer Burbage will be seeking customer feedback 06/01/2014 through a DES broadcast. If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Burbage at (360) 407-9422 or
12-12-2012 :  Contractor Administrator changed to Jennifer Burbage
06-27-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract Extension has been signed by all parties, contract is now extended with amendment # 7 through October 31, 2014.
04-04-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONNo new updates, contract extension will begin July 2012, current contract terms ends October 31, 2012.
03-02-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSNo new updates, contract extension will begin July 2012, current contract terms ends October 31, 2012.
02-01-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSContract extension will begin July 2012, current contract terms ends October 31, 2012.
10-24-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSWashington State Correctional Industries attending the 2011 DES Tradeshow and Training.
09-01-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGERemoved Diane Donahoo as Buyer and added Tim Shay.
08-23-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEDiane Donahoo has taken an opportunity with another state agency. For the time being Tim Shay will be handling any issues on this contract. You may reach Tim at 360-902-7431 until August 26, 2011 or 360-407-9410 starting August 29, 2011.
06-28-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSCorrectional Industries has requested that Telespar Products be designated as "Convenience" . DOT is our biggest user of Telespar products. Ken Cohr (DOT) was included in this decision and he has given his approval to make Telespar products a convenience item. If you have any questions, please contact Diane Donahoo at 360-902-7443 or
02-25-2010 :  CONTRACT SPECIALIST CHANGE: Effective March 1, 2010 this contract will be assigned to Diane Donahoo. You may reach Diane at 360-902-7443.
02-17-2010 :  Diane Donahoo the new Contract Specialist for this contract will begin processing and an extension for this contract in mid August 2010.
01-22-2010 :  11CI has requested the additon of Telpar Products signage products to the contract. Currently working on pricing and other information which DOT has requested.
10-27-2008 :  Price increases of 2% to 21% have been granted for all janitorial supplies. Price sheet and the CCI have been updated and posted to the internet.
07-08-2008 :  Contract update on 12/2007 and 07/2008, have removed food and mattress products from this contract. Food products are now under contract # 06006 and mattress products are now under contract # 00708
12-19-2007 :  Update current contract information to update Office of State Procurement’s Contracts Specialist information.
11-26-2007 :  Update Current Contract Information to revised language under #6, Payment Terms, to include Per RCW 39.34.150 Transactions between State Agencies-Advancements. "State agencies are authorized to advance funds to defray changes for materials to be furnished or services to be rendered by other state agencies." This would be mutually agreed upon by Correctional Industries and the customer. All other terms, conditions, and specifications will remain unchanged.
02-06-2007 :  Sent follow-up e-mail to Donna Gober 1/18/2007(DOC) to follow-up on initial request for price adjustment for the Portion Pac product line. No further communication received from Correctional Industries or DOC contact on this matter. CI may be rescinding their original request for price adjustment.
01-08-2007 :  Donna Gober of DOC, requested a price adjustment for the Portion Pac product line, via new price list but to date has not provided supporting documentation to substantiate the increase. Donna Gober, also submitted the Green Seal, Environmental Certification presented to PortionPac Chemical Corporation for their "general purpose, bathroom, and glass cleaners used for industrial purposes" (GS-37) and are licensed to use the Green Seal Certification Mark.
07-06-2006 :  Update contract specialist and assistant contact. information
10-21-2005 :  issued contract change notice to reflect that current term is November 1, 2005 through October 31, 2009
10-10-2005 :  Corrected contract term stop date to read 10/31/09
07-07-2005 :  to clarify how sales tax is applied to invoices issued by Correctional Industries
06-28-2005 :  provided corrected product listing for the available Portionpac items
03-16-2005 :  use designation changed to "convenience" for the added items until green seal certification and DOC Chemical Committee approval has been obtained
02-10-2005 :  Dishwashing, floor care, cleaning and laundry products added for mandatory use by DOC facilities
06-23-2004 :  A revised Current Contract Information document has been issued to clarify the shipping destination and freight information on page 2 of the contract.
05-20-2004 :  In an effort to promote sustainability practices (reference the Governor's Executive Order #02-03), customers have requested that Correctional Industries decrease the amount of paper issued for invoicing purposes. Therefore, Clause #16 entitled "Invoicing" (reference "Special Terms and Conditions") has been changed to read as follows: "Invoicing: contractor shall provide one copy of invoice which shall reference the contract and field order or purchase order number. Invoices shall be properly annotated when necessary. Customers are also encouraged to remit payment electronically to reduce paper and postage expenses." Effective immediately.
04-20-2004 :  Embroidered Polar Fleece Vest Model #3155 has been added to Contract 10103.
12-03-2003 :  change flat good purchase designation from "mandatory" to convenience until further notice
12-01-2003 :  clarification regarding "convenience" purchase items and the exemption process