Contract Updates

Contract Number: 07706 Solvent Traffic Marking Paint  

10-15-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEAs a result of staffing moves and reassignments within the Department of Enterprise Services, this contract will now be administered by Melanie Williams. Please contact Melanie at (360) 407-9399 or
11-04-2011 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONEffective 11/2/11, Contract 07706 has been extended through 02/28/2013 in accordance with Contract Amendment Alpine Products, Inc. - 04.
02-25-2010 :  As a result of restructuring of contract responsibilities within the Office of State Procurement, this contract will be administered by Scott Geist as of March 1, 2010.
02-25-2010 :  A contract extension was successfully negotiated with Alpine Products Inc., effective March 1, 2010, and extending through Feb. 28, 2012.
12-03-2009 :  OSP is doing due diligence with stakeholders (political subdivisions) to determine whether to extend the contract. Current term expires 2/28/10, with a maximum term date of 2/28/13. No break in contract coverage is anticipated.
05-06-2009 :  The Office of State Procurement has granted the request of Alpine Products Inc. for an adjustment (increase) in prices for Contract 07706. Alpine’s request for a price adjustment directly reflects the increase in prices by Alpine’s supplier, Ennis Paint. A letter from Ennis documenting the increase is part of the justification package supplied by Alpine to support this request. Alpine has not previously asked for a price adjustment since the contract was awarded. The new pricing for Alpine Products, effective 5-7-09, averages 9.2 percent for 16 products. The Producer Price Index for paints and allied products, though leveling out in recent months, shows an increase of 11.67 percent between March 2007, when the contract was awarded, and March 2009.
09-08-2008 :  A candidate was not selected in the recruitment process to fill the CS3 position that has been open (Ken Woodfork’s CS3 vacancy), therefore, Corinna Cooper has been reassigned the vacant position administering the Heavy Equipment Desk. Bart Potter will be administering the Chemicals Desk including this contract. Bart can be reached at 360-902-7448.
03-06-2008 :  The Office of State Procurement underwent an internal re-organization wich resulted in several promotional opportunities. Contracts Specialist Corinna Cooper took advantage of this opportunity and is newly assigned to handle the chemical commodities which includes this contract. Corinna can be reached at 360-902-7440.
09-04-2007 :  Issued CCI to change OSP Contracts Specialist to Heidi Bohl.
01-26-2007 :  Contract 07706 awarded to Alpine Products. The effective date is 3/1/2007. Current contract 15200 expires 2/28/2007.
12-01-2006 :  The Solvent Traffic Marking Paint bid solicitation was posted to WEBS (made public) on 11/27/06. The Prebid conference is scheduled for 12/06/06 at 10:00 a.m. and the bid opening is scheduled for 12/21/06 at 2:00 p.m.
11-21-2006 :  The Office of State Procurement is developing a replacement contract for Contract 15200 Solvent Traffic Paint. The replacement contract is 07706. Our intent is to make the solicitation public by 1/15/07 but that target is dependent on internal review processes.