Contract Updates

Contract Number: 07609 Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint  

03-28-2016 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEAdministrative Change, Contracts Specialist changed from Mark Roush to Thomas Allman (360) 407-7964.
11-24-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSThis contract has been amended and signed and executed to the maxium term date of January 26, 2017 OR until a replacement contract is signed, whichever comes first,
09-09-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSThe contract will be extending to its max term, 2017.
11-06-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGEEnnis Paint, Inc., beginning December 1, 2013, was allowed a pass-through cost adjustment on the Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint (#07609) of $0.25 per gallon on Standard 01 and 02, and Cold Weather 01 and 02 traffic marking paint. This contract has been extended through 11/30/15. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Melanie Williams, DES contracts specialist, at (360) 407-9399 or
10-07-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSEnnis Paint, Inc. has requested a price increase of $0.25/gal. on all products except the high-build.
08-29-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSThe Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint contract (#07609) expires November 31, 2013. Enterprise Services is seeking feedback from contract users about vendor and contract performance. Please submit your comments using the online vendor feedback form by no later than September 31, 2013. If you have questions or need further information about this contract, please contact Melanie Williams, DES contracts specialist, at (360) 407-9399 or
06-28-2013 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTNew pricing goes into effect 7/1/13 due to the .74% management fee.
02-28-2013 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTNew pricing is now available. Ennis Paint, Inc. has offered a voluntary price reduction on white and yellow standard paint. For new pricing information, go to the contract page and choose Pricing & Ordering Information.
10-15-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEAs a result of staffing moves and reassignments within the Department of Enterprise Services, this contract will now be administered by Melanie Williams. Please contact Melanie at (360) 407-9399 or
09-20-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGEPRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 12/1/12: $0.75/gal increase for all paint lines.
09-20-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGECONTRACT EXTENSION: The state of Washington has extended contract #07609 through 11/30/2013.
07-31-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGEPrice sheet has been modified to reflect that the vendor has suspended sales of the HE Series paint until further notice.
01-04-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGENEW PRICE SHEET has been posted reflecting to reflect price increases effective 12/1/11 (referenced below).
10-04-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGENEW PRICE SHEET has been posted reflecting line Item additions of the HE Series White and Yellow formulas WW0042 & WY0042. Pricing for existing paint lines remains unchanged until 12/1/11.
10-04-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGELINE ITEM ADDITIONS: HE Series White and Yellow formulas WW0042 & WY0042. Pricing will match current and revised pricing specific to Contract Amendment 04 for the Standard 01 White and Yellow formula #’s 984701 & 984702. The HE Series formulas are available in 250 gal totes only at this time.
10-04-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGEPRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 12/1/11: $1.32/gal increase for all paint lines.
10-04-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGECONTRACT EXTENSION: The state of Washington has extended contract #07609 through 11/30/2012.
10-27-2010 : CONTRACT CHANGEContract 07609 price adjustment authorized. Please see price sheet for details.
10-27-2010 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONThe state of Washington has extended the 07609 contract through 11/30/2011.
03-29-2010 :  PRICE SHEET 04: Updated Price Sheet to include WSDOT inventory numbers. These numbers are placed in the line of the manufacturer's formula number. Removed a worksheet that was used in the solicitation. Added a new worksheet that will now contain the Price Sheet history.
03-29-2010 :  SPECIFICATION 02: Updated the 07609 specification to include revisions to the anti-tipping bar. Anti-tipping bar is required on the front/rear forklift skids. Stacking: Regarding the Snyder 275 Ultratainer, stacking is up to two (2) high when filled and three (3) high when empty.
03-26-2010 :  SAFETY – TOTE STACKING: The 07609 solicitation mandated paint be delivered in Snyder 275 gallon Ultratainer (tote). The Snyder product flyer is unclear if the tote can be stacked 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 high and is silent if stacking means when full of empty. Guidance was demanded of the contractor. Guidance was received on 3/26/10. Stacking is two (2) high when full and three (3) high when empty.
02-25-2010 :  As a result of restructuring of contract responsibilities within the Office of State Procurement, this contract will be administered by Scott Geist as of March 1, 2010.
02-23-2010 :  CCI 03 & PRICE SHEET 03: Both documents had inaccurate email contact addresses which are corrected by number 03 respectively.
02-22-2010 :  PRICE SHEET 02: Updated Price Sheet 01 to include Alpine Products for political subdivision orders.
02-22-2010 :  CCI 02: CCI 02 Announcing Contract Amendment Ennis 02 and identifying OSP Contract Specialist Scott Geist as the new Contract Administrator.
02-22-2010 :  Contract Amendment – Ennis 01: Contract amendment addressing the anti-tipping bar, adding Alpine Products Inc. as a subcontractor that will serve the political subdivisions, and tote fill levels was signed 2/22/2010. A scanned copy is available for viewing in the Current Contract Information (CCI) number 02 on page 3.
02-01-2010 :  The Office of State Procurement has negotiated a contract with Ennis Paint Inc. for waterborne traffic marking paint. Contract awarded 1/27/10 and expires on 11/30/10. Contract may be extend by mutual agreement of the parties.