Contract Updates

Contract Number: 07510 Lamps and Ballasts  

01-18-2018 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: Clayton Long will now take over management of this contract. You can find Clayton's contact information listed on the Contract Summary page.
08-09-2017 :  DES has been in contact with CED to update the price sheet and ordering information. CED has stated that they should have new contract ordering information available the week of August 14. DES will update the pricing & ordering information on this webpage as soon as it is available.
07-10-2017 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSThis contract has now been extended and will expire 10/20/2019.
05-22-2017 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTThe Vendor Management Fee for this contract will be increased by 0.76% to equal 1.5% total net sales effective July 1, 2017.
03-16-2017 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSDES is seeking feedback from customer on whether the current contract should be extended at the end of the current term on 10/28/2017. Please submit feedback via the Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback link found on the Contract Summary webpage.
05-03-2016 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: The Office Operations Team will be the new contact for DES. The Office Operations Team can be reached by phone at 360-407-2212 and by email at
10-09-2015 :  No new Contract activity at this time.
07-10-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSFully executed extension amendment. New expiration date is 10/27/2017.
07-10-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSSent extension memo to Consolidated Electrical for signature
06-25-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract to expire 10/27/2015. Sending Biwekly Bulleting to request feedback on 6/26: Enterprise Services seeks comments for Lamps and Ballasts Master Contract The Lamps and Ballasts Master contract (#7510) is scheduled to expire October 27, 2015. DES is seeking customer feedback by July 10, 2015 using the online Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback form. DES is considering extending the contract for two years. Customers who have feedback are encouraged to contact Contract Specialist Teri Lund (360) 407- 8259.
04-30-2015 :  Pricing and Ordering page has been updated to reflect the contracts new pricing. See page 2, Washington State pricing attachment.
03-25-2015 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEContract Administrator has been changed to Teri Lund,, 360-407-8529.
01-09-2015 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
10-10-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
09-12-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
07-10-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
01-13-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
01-13-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
12-06-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSContact information has been updated for Airgas. See the CCI on the contract protal page for updated information.
12-06-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract actions pending at this time.
09-25-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract 07510, Lamps and Ballasts has been extended until 10/27/2015.
01-30-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONThe Fencing Lamps and Ballasts contract number 07510 is due to expire on October 27, 2013. The Department of Enterprise Services is seeking feedback from contract users to aide in the determination of whether to extend this contract or to rebid it. Your input will be a prime consideration in that decision. Please use our online feedback form, which is available at: If you have questions about this contract, please contact Glen McNeill, DES Contracts Specialist, at (360) 904-9417 or
10-28-2011 :  Today, Oct. 28, 2011, is the official start date for Contract 07510. The Current Contract Information (CCI) document is in place on the contract portal page, including an embedded price sheet for a partial listing of the CED contract catalog. At this point in the contract life, customer ordering is generally done by contacting one of the regional CED representatives. In the near future, CED will be working toward a comprehensive online ordering system, which must be in place and operating by mid-March 2012, per terms of the contract.
10-21-2011 :  OSP asked CED to propose new pricing for those lighting products for which the company felt it could offer a reduction. CED offered an Option A -- which reduced pricing by 5 percent from bid prices for seven fluorescent lamps – and an Option B – which offered further discounts on fluorescents and increased prices on selected ballasts. OSP accepted Option A. CED is building new price sheets to reflect the new pricing. CED will make the prices available to customers on Oct. 28, 2011, the designated start date of Contract 07510. Prices on the initial price sheet, per contract terms, will be firm through Dec. 27, 2011. CED has offered some edits for the new CCI document and will flesh out the ordering information and procedures section.
09-30-2011 :  Chief Purchasing Office Christine Warnock sent a letter officially denying the protest and upholding the award of Contract 07510. Customers for Contract 00802 have been informed through the bi-weekly bulletin and broadcast that they can continue to use 00802 until all potential issues around the protest are resolved and Contract 07510 is in place and operating.
09-20-2011 :  Award for Contract 07510, which will replace State Contract 00802 (lamps and ballasts), has been announced, but the award is under protest and the protest will not be resolved by Sept. 27, 2011, the expiration of the most recent extension of 00802. The contractor, Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED), agrees to continue to serve customers for Contract 00802 through Dec. 27, 2011, or until 07510 is implemented. During the extension period, CED will offer linear fluorescent lamps only at adjusted prices on a provisional price sheet agreed upon in consultation with the Office of State Procurement. CED will honor current contract prices for all other contract products. The price list for linear fluorescent lamps is embedded on Page 11 of the Current Contract Information (CCI) document accessible from the 00802 contract page.
09-16-2011 :  An official protest was filed against the award to CED. This action places implementation of Contract 07510 on hold. Lighting customers are instructed to continue purchasing lighting products from the current contract (00802) until notice is given that implementation of 07510 will go forward.
09-13-2011 :  Sept. 9, 2011: Award was made through WEBS to CED. Unsuccessful bidders were notified through WEBS. Letters were sent to CED and Platt. Today, Sept. 9, is Day One of the five-day period in which a protest after award must be filed.
09-13-2011 :  Aug. 31, 2011:OSP issued a Notice of Intent to Award naming CED as the Apparent Successful Bidder. Letters were sent to CED and Platt.
08-03-2011 :  Three bids were received before 2 p.m. on July 28, 2011, and were deemed initially responsive. A fourth vendor submitted a bid package, but intentionally did not offer a Price Worksheet because of concerns over price volatility due to fluctuations in the marketplace for "rare earth" minerals, a key component in many of the products being bid. A fifth vendor did not submit a bid package, but came to OSP to explain that his manufacturer could not authorize offering a bid because of concerns about language in the solicitation concerning clauses for liquidated damages and indemnification.
08-03-2011 :  Two additional solicitation amendments were issued prior to the (amended) bid-due date of July 28. Amendment 5 amended the bid-due deadline; amended the price worksheet to correct the total points available for price; reflects the change away from the Trade Services catalog to manufacturer's price, as amended in Amendment 3; removed five line items from the price worksheet because they are not universally provided items; removed any presupposition of projected equivalencies to the standard of quality; furnished a revised price worksheet for bidders; clarified how a Prompt Payment Discount is scored in evaluating bids; and offered a Q&A that clarified that bidders can NOT bid parts that do not meet the listed specification, and CAN bid parts that exceed specs. Amendment 6 made language in the "Contract Pricing" section of the solicitation be consistent with the "Bid Pricing" section; and corrected a part number on the price worksheet.
07-01-2011 :  Four solicitation amendments have been posted. In reverse order: Amendment 4 extended the bid due date to July 21, 2011. Amendment 3 clarified the source of the manufacturer’s list price to be listed by bidders per line item on the Price Worksheet; clarified the state’s requirement for sales coverage for “walk-in” customers; added language requiring bidders to demonstrate compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive for lamps and bulbs; and allows for the explanation of any “No” answers to RoHS compliance in the Letter of Proposal (Appendix E). Amendment 2 aligns Appendix C (Bidder Profile) more closely with bidder requirements in the solicitation document;and allows bidders to enter the name of the manufacturer being bid in Appendix D (Price Worksheet). Amendment 1 clarifies where bid pricing for items not listed in the Market Basket should be entered on the Price Worksheet (Appendix D); and clarified the original Bid due date.
05-31-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSSoliciation 07510 was posted to WEBS on 5/27/11.
04-07-2011 : CONTRACT REBIDThe current plan is to issue the IFB by the end of the week of 3/11/2011.
02-10-2011 :  The Office of State Procurement is working toward a rebid of the state lamps and ballasts contract to replace Contract 00802, which expires 3/27/11. Contract administrator has convened a strategic sourcing team, done extensive market research, studied similar contracts bid recently in other states, invited the Department of Ecology to weigh in with environmental/best practice considerations, and begun building a draft IFB document.