Contract Updates

Contract Number: 07010 Communication Access Real-Time Translation 

06-28-2016 : CONTRACT REBID STATUSI am in need of stakeholders to provide user input for the rebid of this contract, any interested parties should send an email to the procurement coordinator, Bradley DeVol, at
04-25-2016 : CONTRACT REBID STATUSI have begun developing a stakeholder team for the rebid of this contract, and will continue to reach out to Gonzaga University, University of Washington, and DSHS as they are all top users.
03-29-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSAll signatures have been obtained, have extended all vendors in PCMS, will e-mail signed amendment to all vendors. Portal pages have been updated and posted in the internet.
02-10-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract Amendments number 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d and 4e have been written to extend the contract for it's final term through February 21, 2017. Sent to manager for review. Sent to vendors for signatures.
12-14-2015 :  I am gathering feedback on contractor performance for this contract as the current term is nearing end. With positive feedback, this contract could be extended for another term.
12-15-2014 :  All contractors have agreed to one year extension. Paperwork forwarded to Christine Warnock for review/approval.
12-08-2014 :  All but one contractor has signed and returned Amendment agreeing to a one year extension contingent with existing terms, conditions, specifications and pricing
11-21-2014 :  amendment requesting one year extension sent to all five contractors
11-05-2014 :  Apparently just want "stream text" incorporated into the contract
10-24-2014 :  Discussed possible extension with major user, DSHS, who wishes us to pursue. However, they want to research a specific software need before us pursuing.
08-29-2014 :  Contract continues to progress well. Have received no concerns/complaints.
06-13-2014 :  eCaptions notified us that their address and contact info has changed; updated CCI and posted to portal page
06-05-2014 :  Four contractors responded, DSHS reviewed/approved addition of services to the contract. CCI developed/posted.
05-16-2014 :  Amendment sent to all five contractors with a suspense date of 05/23/14
05-07-2014 :  Working with DSHS to issue Amendment to add closed captioning services
04-21-2014 :  CCI to update contract administrator to Connie Stacy
04-09-2014 :  Reviewed GSA contract, Toni and I will schedule meeting to discuss
03-28-2014 :  Both parties with ODHH declined meeting; Berle is currently interviewing her replacement. Met with Toni Johnson Conroy 03/18/14 instead, she indicated that they would like to implement changes similiar to the GSA contract. Will get back to me with specifics
03-04-2014 :  Working on scheduling a meeting with ODHH to discuss vendor show, brochure, etc.
02-25-2014 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEEffective 2/25/14 Contract Administrator for this master state contract is Connie Stacy. Connie's contact information is (360)407-9403 and the e-mail address is
02-25-2014 : CONTRACT CHANGEAll current vendors have agreed to supply Remote Cart Services. Amendments have been executed and Current Contract Information on the portal page has been updated with current pricing. This contract has been extended from 2/21/14 through 2/20/15 with all current vendors. A memo to file has been created and a Bi-Weekly Bulletin has been submitted. This contract will be given to Team I after a scheduled briefing.
02-14-2014 : CONTRACT CHANGEA query was sent to all vendors on this contract seeking clarification on cost breakdown for proposed remote CART services. Amendment is being developed. Pricing will be added to the CCI once confirmed.
02-14-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSA new User Guide has been completed and a sample Work Order Request form has been included. After review, these documents will be posted on the online contract portal page. Work continues on the addition of Remote Cart Services.
02-04-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract extensions have been offered and accepted by all 5 vendors. See comments from 1/28/14
01-28-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract extension documents were sent today to all 5 vendors. The extension runs from 2/21/14 through 2/20/15 with all 5 vendors. Enchancements to the CART contract have begun with the acceptance and pricing structure for REMOTE CART SERVICES, which will be added to this contract in early February. Enhancements are also in the works for the contract portal page. These enhancements will provide clarity and expanded services for all user agencies and will include a Work Order form for ordering ease and standardization of the ordering process. A vendor/customer forum is being planned for early spring. All interested parties are encouraged to contact DES with comments, suggestions or concerns. Please contact Connie Stacy at or at (360) 407-9403. Connie will be assuming the contract administration for CART Services effective 2/3/14. These changes will be reflected in the CCI early next week.
01-27-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONAll vendors have been queried regarding a one year contract extension. All have agreed. Contract will be extended until February 19, 2015. User agencies are requested to provide input regarding the use of remote services. Vendors are able to provide these services and they may be added to the contract in March.
07-29-2013 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEA vendor query was issued this month requesting updated contact information. A couple revisions were made to the CCI and all information is now current. User agencies are reminded that all requests for service are to be placed with the prime vendor. If a specific sub-contractor is desired, please let the prime know your preference, based on their specialty.
02-08-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSThis contract remains constant with limited usage across the state. The Washington Cart Reporters Association (WCRA) is proposing legislative changes in February that could potentialy redefine the certification requirements and classifications of court reporters performing communication access in real time services. Updates will continue to be posted on the contract portal page.
01-04-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSThis contract continues with limited use across the state. Monthly contract usage is being reported to ODHH.
10-05-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSAll vendors were reminded of the monthly sales/usage reporting requirement. All vendors are current on their quarterly sales reporting.
09-04-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEContract Administrator is Kevyn Davidson.
07-02-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGENew Contract Specialist for this contract is Kevyn Davidson.all (360) 407-9413 or
04-11-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSBroadcast. Department of Enterprise Services has partnered with Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH) to procure Communication Access Real Time Translation (CART) services. The state master contract consists of five CART providers readily available to provide CART services statewide. CART is generally used at public meetings, events, forums and conferences as well as group or individual meetings. CART is provided to deaf or hard of hearing residents, citizens, clients or employees who request it, usually someone who does not know American Sign Language. To access the contract and contact the providers, visit: If you have any questions about this contract, please contact Breann Aggers, DES Contracts Specialist, at or (360) 407-9416.
02-22-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe State of Washington is pleased to announce the award of state master contract 07010, titled: Closed Captioning Services (CART). The contract is awarded to the following contractors: ProMotion Holding, Caption Northwest, Stanton Captioning and Reporting, RealTime Captioning and Alternative Communication Services.
01-25-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSAn official award notification has been sent out to the awarded Vendors for Communications Access Real Time Services (CART), Customer Reference Number: 07010 Awarded Vendors: ProMotion Holdings, LLC Caption Northwest, Inc. Stanton Captioning and Reporting OFFICIAL REALTIME CAPTIONING ASSOCIATES, INC. Alternative Communication Services, LLC
11-21-2011 : Solicitation #07010 has been reposted via WEBS to include additional commodity codes and a new bid due date of December 20th 2011.