Contract Updates

Contract Number: 06800 TRANSLATION SERVICES  

09-05-2006 :  An agreement has been reached between General Administration and the current contractors of contract 06800, Translation Services. This agreement will extend all terms and conditions, including current pricing offered on contract 06800 until award of the new Translation Services Contract. The expected date for award of the new contract is 10/01/06.
07-21-2006 :  Updated CCI to include CTS Language Link's Toll-Free fax number.
07-19-2006 :  Updated CCI to reflect current contact information for CTS Language Link (category 1). Deleted out of date contact information of Aleksey Belov and Carolyn Nadeau.
02-21-2006 :  Contract 06800 extended till 08/31/06 or until award of the contract 09505 (Statewide Translation Services), whichever one is earliest.
05-13-2005 :  Contract 06800 was amended to allow access to services for all state agencies. It is a convenience contract for all state agencies and WSPC members, but still remains mandatory for DSHS of Washington. Amendment shall be ratified and enforced on May 16, 2005.
03-28-2005 :  Contract # 06800 has been extended for another year, with the new expiration date of 3/31/2006. Voluntary discount from $0.26 to $0.25 on Rush Rate for Category 2, Full Translations of 251 Words or More was offered by Dynamic Language and accepted by the Office of State Procurement.
05-11-2004 :  CCI to update vendor contact information for CTS LanguageLink and Dynamic Language Center.
04-01-2004 :  Contract extended for 12 months, effective April 2, 2004. In addition, this CCI added HIPAA language and other clarifications that have been agreed upon by both contractors and the state. The CCI does not change the original scope of the contract. The new contract value, using 2000-2003 usage figures (averaged) is $1,783,702/12 month period (87% mbe, 13% other).
11-07-2003 :  Working on draft of RFP with DSHS & L&I. Any other agencies that would like to participate in the early state of development, please call OSP.
06-30-2003 :  To update WorldLink Technologies phone numbers and update the names of the State Procurement Officer and the OAS
06-02-2003 :  Contract has been extended for an additional 9-month period with all terms, conditions and specifications remaining unchanged. During this period the contract will be revised and rebid. Mary Walcott is the new contract administrator.
04-14-2003 :  CTS has provided a link to their Website:
02-20-2003 :  Contract extension for a 9-month period being discussed with DSHS.
07-02-2002 :  LIST office no longer available to coordinate DSHS translation projects. Contract updated accordingly.