Contract Updates

Contract Number: 06507 Universal Fleet Card Services  

04-06-2015 :  The contract administrator assigned this contract is Clayton Long, effective 2/26/15. Clayton can be reached at 360.407.8508 or Clayton replaces Kathie Collins as your first point of contact.
03-12-2015 :  Comdata Fleet Card contract #06507 is set to expire March 31, 2015. A new contract (#00612) was awarded to US Bank Voyager in January 2014. Customers currently using the Comdata Fleet Card contract #06507 should transition immediately to US Bank Voyager contract #00612 due to the fast approaching Comdata expiration deadline. The new contract with US Bank Voyager has a very attractive rebate. US Bank Voyager contact information: Customers needing a transition plan with US Bank Voyager should contact Mark Hess at (612) 436-6544 or email him at (Note: published in Bi-weekly bulletin 1/23/15, 2/6/15, 2/20/15, 3/6/15, 3/20/15, also published with PFMA)
03-03-2015 :  DES/Clayton Long informed Cathy Gibson/Comdata that the Comdata contract #06507 will not be extended beyond its current term date of 3/31/15. Clayton asked that Cathy/Comdata provide him the names of agencies who has contacted her with concerns about moving to the new Voyager contract #00612 so that he can follow up with them.
01-22-2015 : CONTRACT STATUSComdata Fleet Card contract #06507 is set to expire March 31, 2015. A new contract (#00612) was awarded to US Bank Voyager in January 2014. Customers currently using the Comdata Fleet Card contract #06507 should transition immediately to US Bank Voyager contract #00612 due to the fast approaching Comdata expiration deadline. The new contract with US Bank Voyager has a very attractive rebate. US Bank Voyager contact information: Customers needing a transition plan with US Bank Voyager should contact Mark Hess at (612) 436-6544 or email him at WEBINAR’s: Webinar’s are also being offered by US Bank Voyager regarding the new fleet card program offerings and to assist agencies and political subdivision with a transition plan. Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting. The same topics will be covered at each of the following three webinar’s. 1) January 29, 2015 at 10:00 am. Register at: 2) February 11, 2015 at 10:00 am Register at: 3) March 11, 2015 at 10:00 am Register at: (Note: published in Bi-weekly bulletin 1/23/15, 2/6/15, 2/20/15, 3/6/15, 3/20/15, also published with PFMA)
01-14-2015 :  The Comdata Fleet Card Contract is set to expire on March 31, 2015. To transition to the new replacement contract #00612 with Voyager, please contact Mark Hess with Voyager at 612.436.6544 or The new Voyager contract also offers a very attractive rebate.
01-13-2015 :  Vendor is current in their sales reporting through 12/31/14.
09-29-2014 :  Implememtation to Voyager Update: Mark/US Bank states there are 80 agencies/Poly subs that have not moved from the Comdata Fleet Contract #06507 to the new Voyager Contract 00612. The Comdata current term expires in March. The new Voyager contract also offers a very attractive rebate. Plan of Action: Announce at Forum on October 8 & 9th and US Bank will continue to reach out to agencies/poly subs.
07-31-2014 :  The extension for contract #06507 has now been signed by Com Data and DES. The finalized extension will take this contract through 3/31/15. Customers should complete their transition to Voyager under contract #00612 before 3/31/15.
07-24-2014 :  Amendment 5 has been signed by Com Data and will extend the Com Data contract until 3/31/15 in order to allow the users of this contract enough time for a comfortable transition to Voyager.
07-08-2014 :  Manfield Reports: If you are experiencing issues with pulling/printing Mansfield reports please call Cathy Gibson at Comdata -866.662.3535 x7134 or for troublshooting assistance.
05-12-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSA cure letter went to Ricky Johnston, Randy Morgan, & Walt Hannabass at Com Data on 5/7/14. Com Data has been charging Highline Community College for Fleet Advance charges. These charges were not requested. We have also been trying to get the charges reversed since October 2013 without success. A cure letter was drafted by Greg Tolbert and was mailed to Com Data via USPS. Com Data was given until May 19th to resolve.
04-10-2014 :  Fleet Card Implementation Update per Mark Hess with US Bank/Voyager: 1) Agencies: 22 out of 60 (including state colleges and universities have fully transitioned from Comdata contract #06507 to US Bank/Voyager contract # 00612. 2) Poli-subs: 2 poli-subs have fully transitioned from Comdata contract #06507 to US Bank/Voyager contract # 00612 with an additional 10 in review stage. A total of 10,759 cards have been issued thus far. Please call Mark Hess with US Bank/Voyager 612-436-6544 to ensure your implementation is completed prior to the Comdata expiration date of 8/31/14.
03-04-2014 :  Fleet Card Implementation Update: The Comdata Fleet Card Contract (#06507) has been extended through August 31, 2014 to allow time for a phased customer transition from Comdata Corporation to Voyager, the recently awarded contractor on the new contract (#00612). As the transition from Comdata to Voyager progresses, it is helpful to know the following: •Comdata will keep all customer information in their database for 1 year after the contract expires. Customers needing access to their information longer than 1 year should contact Comdata to coordinate a records retention schedule. •Voyager is contacting customers to begin their implementation plan. If you have not yet heard from Voyager, they may not have your current contact information. It is suggested you contact Mark Hess to begin your transition plan. •Customers are encouraged to run a Comdata report identifying commonly used merchants. Voyager will use the reports to sign up merchants that currently do not accept Voyager cards. Questions can be directed to either Cathy Moxley at (360) 407-9434, or to Kathie Collins at (360) 407-9409. (DES Note: Published in Biweekly Bulletin 3/3/14)
02-27-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONDES has received Amendment 4 back with Com Data approval signatures. Amendment 4 requested an extension of the contract unitl 8/31/14 to assist Voyager and customers in their transition timeframe from Com Data to Voyager.
02-20-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONState Agencies and Political Subdivisions moving to the new State Contract #00612 with Voyager, should know Com Data will keep your current data and account information up to 1 year. If data access is needed for longer than 1 year, they should contact Cathy Gibson with Com Data at Com Data will assure customers can retain access to their information for as long as they need.
02-14-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSLegal Review of the Washington State Participating Addendum has been completed and finalized with US Bank. Finalization of the Washington Participating Addendum is expected to happen before 2/21/14. The DES website containing US Bank information will move forward with an update. The expected completion date of updating the website is 2/28/14. Those agencies or political subdivisions who wish to sign up as new customers under the new contract #00612 with US Bank's P-Card program should contact Kevin Noren at Those wishing to sign up for the Voyager Fleet Card Program under the new contract #00612 should contact Mark Hess at Existing customers are scheduled to be contacted by US Bank however, customers should make contact with US Bank if they don't receive a call.
02-06-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONIn order to assist customers with their transition to the new Fleet Card Contract with Voyager (Contract #00612), this contract is being extended until August 31, 2014.
12-27-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSContract #00612 has been finalized and signed. It will become effective 1/1/2014 which is the beginning of a new rebate quarter. Contract #00612 was awarded to US Bank/Voyager and will replace 06507 which is with ComData.
10-29-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSContract #00612 is near completion. The WSCA Sourcing Team are to submit last round changes and comments to Cathy Moxley by COB 10/29/13. Comments will then be reviewed with Harold Goldes and US Bank. Projected completion of #00612 is now 11/12/13.
08-21-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSContract #00612 will replace this contract once finalized. The Master Contract is currently being reviewed by US Bank and DES is anticipating to receive it back by 8/22/13. DES Legal will then review comments made by US Bank legal and we will prepare for negociations.
07-16-2013 :  The acting Contract Administrator is Cathy Moxley 360-407-9434/ as Kathie Collins is out of the office for the next 12 weeks.
06-10-2013 :  Comdata providing DES/Moxley card information so that data can be provided to US Bank to begin an implementation plan to the new contract with US Bank/Voyager.
05-14-2013 :  AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT-New Charge Card Services and Fleet Card Contract #00612 awarded to US Bank: Washington State recently completed a rebid of the WSCA-NASPO Charge Card Services Contract that will include Purchasing Card, Corporate (Travel), One-Card, Declining Balance Managed Spend Cards and now Fleet Card. The successful bidder for both categories was US Bank. Following contract execution and a phased implementation, this single new contract #00612 will replace Washington’s current PCard Contract #03907, as well as its Fleet Card Contract #06507. Implementation updates, instructions, FAQ’s and other information will be communicated regularly via future broadcasts and on the DES contract portal page. For questions contact Cathy Moxley at or Kathie Collins at
03-13-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONThe state approves a twelve (12) month extension to Comdata Corporation, effective April 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014, or until the new Commercial Card Solutions contract (#00612) is in place. The extension will allow for a transition to a new provider. The State reserves the right to extend for any portion of the remaining maximum term beyond the twelve (12) month extension as needed for transition. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. Bid responses for the Commercial Card Solutions bid #00612 are currently being evaluated. DES Note: Biweekly Bulletin requested. Amendment #3 signed by DES Management on 3/13/13. Comdata has been sent a copy of the executed amendment.
03-11-2013 :  Amendment #3 to extend contract an additional 12 months (4/1/13 to 3/31/14) or until the new commercial card contract #00612 is in place has been sent to Comdata for signature. The extension will allow for successful implementation of new contract. Anticipate execution by the end of the week.
02-14-2013 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEAssigned Contract Administrator, effective 2/1/13 is Kathie Collins, 360-407-9409,
01-09-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSThere continue to be issues with Roadside Assistance billing. I received a call from DSHS that they just received a bill for services rendered in 2010 and 2011.
11-29-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSPre-Bid for the WSCA Commerical Card Solutions RFP, which includes fleet card products, was held November 27, 2012. DES will issue an amendment with changes responses to questions the week of December 4, 2012. It is anticipated the Question & Answer Period will be extended. This information will be included in the Amendment that will be posted next week.
10-17-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe Draft RFP for the WSCA Commercial Card Solutions contract is being reviewed by the 50 states. It is anticipated the RFP will be posted to WEBS by the end of October 2012.
06-28-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSRFP release has been delayed.
05-04-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe WSCA Sourcing Team meets weekly preparing the soliciation for release the end of June 2012. It is anticipated the contract will be awarded mid-October, 2012.
03-08-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSDue to the change in the marketplace, this contract will be rebid and included in the WSCA Commercial Card Solutions contract currently being led by Washington. A twelve (12) month extension was granted to Comdata to facilitate the rebid and transiton process. This contract will be allowed to expire on April 1, 2013, unless additional time is required for the transition. There are additional extension options available through April 1, 2018. The new WSCA Commerical Card Solutions contract will be #00612.
02-01-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSComdata has been granted a twelve (12) month extension effective April 2, 2012 through April 1, 2013. This contract may need to be extended one more time to allow for a transition to the new contract if needed. The maximum term data is April 1, 2018. The market has significantly changed to warrant a rebid, and it is suggested that the WSCA Commerical Card Solutions contract include fleet cards, and that is the direction we will go unless there are fatal flaws with the logic of including fleet cards with the new contract
01-03-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSA twelve (12) month extension offer has been made to Comdata Corporation with a response date of January 20, 2012.
11-10-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEThe current contract information has been updated to reflect Department of Enterprise Services, and the contract administrators new contact information.
10-06-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSA Sourcing Team has been established to dicuss the possible rebid of this contract prior to the end of the maximum term date. The industry has changed substantionally and warrants a rebid to receive the best options fo rthe state. The sourcing team meeting will be held October 19, 2011.
09-06-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSGA and Motor Pool will meet with Wright Express on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 to discuss the new functionality of the Wright Express Fleet Card.
08-01-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSGA is in the process of replying to Comdata's response to Cure Notice. It is anticipated the reply will be sent by COB, August 5, 2011.
07-18-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSComdata has been issued a performance cure letter. They responded in the time required. General Administration is in the process of evaluating their response.
05-02-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSA teleconference is schedule for May 11, 2011 to discuss all outstanding items. Contract extension will be determined based on Comdata's ability to resolve the outstanding issue.
03-15-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSCommunication with Comdata is sporatic at best. I am going to request a new contact at Comdata and see if that will resolve the issue. WSDOT is still on completely transitioned to Comdata, and it appears the hold up is on comdata's end, so I will follow-up with them again. It seems the inaccurate Shell data issue has been resolved. I have not received any information otherwise. The cracked card issue is not widespread, and managable at this time.
02-11-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSA follow-up teleconference with Comdata was held 12/11/2011 to discuss the items from the fall meeting. Outstanding are: 1) Report identifying the overages/underages related to fuel tax exemption. 2) Cracked cards, again. 3) WSDOT transition, file extract issues 4) Inaccurate Shell data
01-05-2011 :  Comdata continues to resolve Shell issues as they occur on a location by location basis as we are made aware of the non-acceptance issues.
12-13-2010 :  A Twelve(12)-month extension offer was accepted effective April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012.
12-06-2010 :  Due to the issue with Shell Corporate, Comdata is working to "filter" data they receive from the merchants to assist with the incorrect they are receiving from the merchant. The goal is to minimize or eliminate the incorrect coding of non-fuel transactions vs. fuel transactions. Results are being monitored. A twelve-month extension was offered and accepted, effective April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012 to allow for time to see if the filtering is successful.
09-01-2010 :  Shell stations across the state are not consistently passing the correct code on fuel purchases. This is important because Comdata is required to bill Customers less FET (Fuel Excise Tax). The State has not been receiving this credit. Have requested a report in an attempt to get a clear picture of the amount of money that Comdata appears to owe the State. They are the middle man, and they cannot pass data they do not have, but we are working to figure out a way to capture the data and refund the tax to the State.
06-09-2010 :  WSDOT has not transitioned to the Comdata cards and is still using Voyager. A teleconference was scheduled for Monday, June 7, 2010 between Comdata, WSDOT, and myself. There seems to be some confusion on where they are in the transition process, and a follow-up teleconference will be scheduled to include their fleet management provider, Maximus. Comdata already has multiple file feeds for this software, and I believe it is just a matter of finding the one that works for WSDOT.
04-06-2010 :  The meeting with WSP went very well, and they are back on track with Comdata. Comdata has a product available that would help WSP track maintenance on their vehicles, but WSP is not ready to discuss it.
04-06-2010 :  The issue with Shell not sending accurate information through the system has not been resolved. It is a system-wide issue within Shell, and they are working on it, but it is not resolved.
10-07-2009 :  Motor Pool brought an issue to my attention regarding cracked/broken cards and the frequency in which they have to be re-ordered due to this issue. I asked to see them so I could clearly understand the issue. My research lead to the conclusion that the frequent use of these cards would potentially lead to this type of cracking/breaking. Comdata uses the Master Card standard plastic. I will continue to monitor this issue throughout the state.
09-09-2009 :  Letters were sent 09/01/09 to those that still have open accounts with Voyager to let them know that their cards will not work October 1, 2009. I also included in the communication, my contact information for any questions they may have.
09-09-2009 :  The acceptance issues have been worked out as best they can. It is now between MasterCard and each merchant. I will provide updates as I receive them.
06-30-2009 :  There have been acceptance issues with the Comdata card, specifically at Safeway. Comdata's merchant acceptance group is working on this. Safeway is a major credit card acceptor, and legally cannot refuse to accept the card. Comdata is working on this issue. It is crucial for DNR's Weights & Mearsures group because they have to test every fule pump in the state, and they currently do not access to every pump.
06-30-2009 :  Communication was sent to all customers that have not switched to the new provider on 06/15/09. I have received no response to the email I sent. I based my communication on the information received from Voyager.
06-16-2009 :  As we continue to transition to the new fleet card provider, it has become apparent that there needs to be some different mass communication regarding the change. There are still customers using their Voyager cards, and are unaware that their cards will expire September 30, 2009. In the next few weeks, the General Admininstration will work to communicate this with all current customers.
04-09-2009 :  We continue to have twice monthly webinars for customers wishing to participate in the fleet card contract. An additional six (6) month extension was granted to Voyager due to some larger state agencies need for more time to transition. Voyager will be available until September 30, 2009.
03-09-2009 :  The transition is going well. The webpage is up and running at I posted a list of accepting locations in the State of Washington and included those locations that offer a fuel discount. We will continue to have bi-weekly webinars to instruct customers how to set up their account and order cards through April 30, 2009.
01-06-2009 :  Comdata has successfully completed 80% of their transitions. Weekly teleconferences are ongiong, as well as transition webinars. The next scheduled webinars are 01/09/09, 01/13/09, and 01/14/09. The webinar information is on the fleet card website.
12-03-2008 :  Comdata has 4 transtion webinars scheduled in December. There webinars will give the participants an overview of their program and how to set up new accounts. a GA Broadcast was sent to notify users of the upcoming training opportunities.
08-06-2008 :  Comdata is in the third phase of transitions, and will have the Phase Four webcast on August 11, 2008.
06-13-2008 :  An phased implementation schedule has been posted on the GA website. Questions can be directed to Neva Peckham at
04-11-2008 :  Bi-Weekly Strategy meeting with Comdata to prepare a phased transition plan. Provded Comdata with a list of customers and contact information which they will propose dates in for each phase of the transiton. Once complete, I will send a Broadcast through the GA system and notify customers of the transition plan.
04-08-2008 :  Evaluation is complete and the contract was awarded to Comdata. I have begun creating the transition schedule. Comdata and myself have a weekly strategy meetings to keep on schedule. Customers will be contacted directly by Comdata for transition. When I have the documents required by Comdata for transition, I will post them to the web. I will also post the transition schedule at that time. The RFP and the current contract information is posted to the web. Current Voyager customers will continue to use their cards as usual until transition is complete, at which time, they will discontinue use, destroy the cards, and notify Voyager to close the cards.
03-26-2008 :  The contract between Comdata and the State of Washington has been executed, effective 04/01/08. The Voyager cards will remain active through the WSCA Pcard Contract for an additional twelve (12) months to allow for a phased transition to Comdata. We are in the process of developing the transition schedule, which will be posted to the web. Each participant will be contacted by Comdata when their transition is scheduled to begin.
02-27-2008 :  I have completed the bid tabulation, and the apparent succssful bidder is Comdata Corporation. I have submitted to mangement for approval. Upon approval, I will submit a web remark with the results.
02-24-2008 :  Pre-Bid was held on 02/06/08. Have begun the evaluation process. I anticipate an award date of 03/01/08 with no break in coverage.
02-07-2008 :  Customer feedback was reviewed and included in RFP as necessary. Pre-Bid was held on February 6, 2008. There were three Bidders in attendance. At the conclusion of the question & answer period, February 13, 2008, an amendment will be posted to address the questions that were submitted. I anticiapte no break in coverage.
01-28-2008 :  I have sent the IFB for Committee review and anticipate releasing the bid January 29, 2008.
01-04-2008 :  I have nearly completed the RFP for posting to WEBS. I anticipate submitted to the Stakeholder Committee for review Monday, January 7, 2008.
11-27-2007 :  The Fleet Card Stakeholder Committee determined the Oregon's solicitation would not meet Washington's needs, and Washington will rebid on their own. I anticipate releasing the bid in late January with no break in coverage.