Contract Updates

Contract Number: 06211 Highway Signal Flares  

03-01-2018 : CONTRACT STATUSWas replaced by contract 06211 effective 1/1/2018. Open for reporting purposes only.
07-19-2017 :  Assumed duties as the contract manager effective 7/1/2017.
01-13-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUScontract extended until final term end date of 01/09/2018
11-20-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSCurrently working extension for contract 06211
09-25-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract #06211 has been extended for an additional term of two years, from Jan 9, 2014 through Jan 9, 2016.
02-08-2012 :  ITEMS ADDITION: Items 0005 & 0010 5 and 10 minute auto ignite flares have been added to the contract. See the revised Pricing and Ordering Information sheet on the contract portal page.
01-04-2012 : NEW CONTRACTContract 06211 Highway Signal Flares has been awarded to Orion Safety Products and will become effective on 1/10/12.
12-05-2011 : NEW CONTRACTIFB 06211 Highway Signal Flares was posted on 12/5/11. Based on the feedback from WSP and WSDOT the bid is very similar to contract 06505. Two items were added to the price sheet for 5 and 10 minute spikeless flares. Since this commodity is straight forward there will be no prebid conference. BId opening is scheduled for 12/29/11 and award is anticipated within one week. The contract specialist does not anticipate any lapse in contract coverage.