Contract Updates

Contract Number: 04710 Fasteners, General Purpose  

01-13-2014 : CONTRACT STATUS: No contract activity to report at this time.
12-06-2013 : CONTRACT REBID: No contract activiy to report at this time.
12-06-2013 : CONTRACT STATUS: No contract activity to report at
07-10-2013 : CONTRACT STATUS: Issued following email to vendor on contract concerning new Mangement Fee. Recently we executed a .74% management fee amendment that allowed your company to include the amount of the fee as a separate line item. The amendment document gave very little implementation guidance and we have requests from our stakeholders to clarify the separate line items with our contractors. Please acknowledge receipt and agreement to the following. Thank you. 1. The separate line item on the invoice shall be designated “DES Management Fee.” 2. The calculation must be pre-tax, i.e., item price multiplied by .0074. Tax cannot be part of the separate line item calculation.
09-17-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSION: This contract has been extended for an additional two years.
06-20-2012 :  This contract is due for extension at the end of September, 2012. Please send Dave Scott, any comment you have concerning this vendor.
11-19-2010 :  No Contract Actions pending at this time.
09-30-2010 :  Issued Award Letter to Fastenal. Posted IFB, Amendment 1 and CCI. Contract become effective 10/1/2010.
08-31-2010 :  Posted Amendment #1 to reflect the changes made as a result of the Pre-Bid conference.
08-18-2010 :