Contract Updates

Contract Number: 04312 Translation Services-Written Word  

05-10-2018 :  Due to the positive feedback received, solicitation/contract language allowing for an extension, and the current volume of pending LEP contract rebids... the state intends to extend the contract for 1 year before being rebid. It is the intent of the state to offer extensions to all awarded vendors.
02-21-2018 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEThis contract has been reassigned to Contract Specialist Leanna Sandy. Please send all contract communications to her at the phone/email listed on the Contract Summary webpage.
04-07-2016 :  This contract was extended until 12/1/2017 with all vendors.
11-19-2015 :  This contract has been extended with all 9 contract vendors. The new contract term ends on 11/30/2017.
11-10-2015 :  I am finalizing stakeholder feedback on the extension of this contract with the current vendors and will have it finished before the expiration of the current term.
12-08-2014 :  updated CCI posted to portal page incorporating the data security information effective 12/08/14
12-01-2014 :  all contractors emailed Amendment #4 to incorporate DSHS's data security language into the contract at their request. Suspense: 12/05/14
10-24-2014 :  contract continues to progress well, no complaints or concerns received
08-29-2014 :  contract continues to progress well, no complaints or concerns received
06-13-2014 :  We've received notification that R&R has written to Patty Murray and President Obama regarding an unpaid invoice. Referred to Jim Gayton/Legal. HCA is providing the backup information to Jim. The invoice wasn't paid because the project was late and error laden (as allowed by the contract)
06-06-2014 :  All four contractors have agreed to assume award of the categories previously awarded to R&R. Posted CCI to portal page and updated vendor tab.
06-05-2014 :  Received approval from Legal to pursue awarding the five categories awarded to R&R to the next highest scoring bidders. Sent four existing contractors (already on contract awarded other categories) amendments to add specific categories at original bid pricing to be held firm one year effective June 15, 2014. At this point three have responded to the affirmative; Multilingual (cat. 1 & 2), Dynamc (cat. 6 &7) and Russtech (cat. 3).
05-21-2014 :  R&R has notified us that they are closing their business effective 05/30/14. Sent them an Amendment to sign and return.
03-28-2014 :  DSHS shared performance issues with R&R (new contractor) which were communicated to Maria/Owner accordingly/documented
03-11-2014 :  Amendment #2 sent to all contractors for categories one through five to add HBE as an authorized user. Informational only, their signature and return is not required. Notified Trisha Bell at HBE accordingly.
03-10-2014 :  On 03/05/14, Marci Disken had updated CCI on contract portal page to add changes addressed in Amendment #1. (as requested by users). A previous CCI (posting date unknown) had removed HBE as an authorized user of categories one through five (HBE had yet to sign an MCUA). An Amendment is being developed to reinstate HBE as an authorized user.
02-28-2014 :  Notified all the contractors via email that I am now the contract administrator. Marci is getting them all set up to report usage.
10-02-2013 :  Two protests received from Language Exchange and AtoSi have been responded to on 010/01/13
09-17-2013 :  Notified via email that Language Exchange will be submitting protest, advised must be received by COB today
09-10-2013 :  Ten Debriefs conducted. Bidders have through 09/17/13 to file a formal protest.
09-09-2013 :  Debriefs occuring upon request if request received by 09/09/13 COB
09-05-2013 :  An "Intent to Award" notice has been emailed to the 24 bidders
08-27-2013 :  Dale Colbert has accepted our award recommendatin. Stakeholder meeting is scheduled for 09/04/13 to present to team.
08-22-2013 :  Sheila Mott and I are ready to present an award recommendation to Dale Colbert, Unit Manager. The stakeholder team has been duly notified.
08-08-2013 :  Stakeholders scoring Management Questions portion with scores due to DES by 08/21/13
07-31-2013 :  Stakeholder meeting today at 2:00 to obtain scoring commitment
07-15-2013 :  The IFB closed June 21, 2013; we received 24 responses, 7 of which have been rejected for either being late or nonresponsive to a variety of factors. Sheila Mott and I are now developing the tab sheets for cost and noncost (nc includes management questions and references). An email was issued 07/12/13 seeking customer stakeholder participation in scoring of the management questions.