Contract Updates

Contract Number: 04298 CHARGE CARD SERVICES  

10-07-2009 :  356 letters were sent on September 25, 2009 to all open accounts with JPMC informing them of the end of the contract. All managing accounts will have a zero cerit limit November 1, 2009 when the contract expires. the letters resulted in a variety of emails and phone calls. About 1/3 of the letters resulted in new accounts needing to be transitioned, but most had already cancelled their cards.
09-09-2009 :  I have requested a report from JPMC indicating current customers that are still using JPMC cards. Along with JPMC's communication, I intend to send a letter to all existing customers reminding them that the JPMC expire October 31, 2009 and cards will not work on November 1, 2009. I will also send a GA Broadcast with the same information.
06-30-2009 :  JPMC has agreed to notify any existing customers by July 31, 2009 of the change in contract so they can make their decision about participation in the state contract, or whether they need to do something else. I asked Letty to provide my contact information for those that would like to discuss their options, she agreed
06-16-2009 :  JPMC rebates have been distributed and the results of the 2008 rebate have been posted on the State PCard Website at As the close of the contract nears, it is clear that some form of communication needs to go out to all those current customers that are still using JPMC. There are still many organizations that are unaware that their cards will not work after October 31, 2009. The State and JPMC will work together in the next few weeks to make sure all current customers are aware of the change in providers.
05-21-2009 :  JPMC rebates are scheduled to begin distribution the week of June 1, 2009.
04-09-2009 :  The JPMC reallocation data is being worked, and should be to them early next week to begin distirbution. Individual agency letters are being created for top performers and ae scheduled to be sent to agency heads May 1, 2009.
03-09-2009 :  I received the JPMC rebate calculations 03/09/09, but there are some inconsistencies in the data. I am working with JPMC correct these issues.
01-06-2009 :  JPMC has indicated they will have the 2008 rebate data available for OSP to review by January 30, 2009. When the data is received, reviewed, and approved by both parties, JPMC will distribute rebates accordingly. The goal is always to begin rebate distribution by March 1st.
08-06-2008 :  A GA Bi-Weekly Broadcast was sent with instructions for closing the JPMC accounts as transitions to the new credit card occur. JPMC has been very cooperative.
07-09-2008 :  JPMC has cooperatively provided necessary contact information as needed for all PCard customers to facilitate a smoother transition to USBank. I have received many questioins regarding how to close accounts after they have received their new cards. There is no set process, and it is up to each agency to decide how they want to handle it.
06-18-2008 :  Left a voicemail and email to JPMC that we are missing sales data for 3rd and 4th qtr 2007 and 1st qtr 2008. I have requested they complete this contract requirement by Friday, June 20, 2008.
05-29-2008 :  Sent a sales reporting deliquency notice to JP Morgan Chase with a response date of June 20, 2008.
04-08-2008 :  JPMC incentive calcualtions have been posted at the PCard website.
03-18-2008 :  We have begun to see 2007 incentive payments roll out from JP Morgan Chase. As a reminder, those customers receiving $100 or less will not receive an incentive payment due to the cost of processing the check.
12-12-2007 :  The current JP Morgan contract is extended through the maximum term date of October 31, 2009. The CCI has been updated and is posted to the web.
11-27-2007 :  It is anticipated the contract extension will be complete by December 10, 2007. Information will be communicated through the GA Bi-Weekly Broadcast when it is complete.
10-16-2007 :  I have received Amendment #6 from JPMC, but there are a couple language issues that I am concerned with. I have proposed clarification language, and JPMC's legal department is addressing my concerns. They should have an answer for me by the end of the week.
09-10-2007 :  JPMC submitted a proposal for the six (6) month extension. It was not acceptable to OSP. We will discuss an extension through the end of the maximum term date of 10/31/09. It is apparent it would be in the best interest of the State, and will not greatly affect the incentives currently achieved by customers. It will be requested by OSP that JPMC allow transition as necessary for the remainder of the maximum term date. It is anticipated the contract extension will be finalized by 09/30/07.
08-13-2007 :  It has been determined that we will extend the current contract in six (6) month increments as needed to allow for a smooth transition. Specifics for the extensions have not been negotiated. We anticipate the first six (6) month extension to be in place by November 1, 2007.
07-10-2007 :  Business as usual for the remaining term of this contract. It may be necessary to extend for few months to accomodate 1099 reporting. Extension options are available through 10/31/09, and with the transition, it will become necessary to extend for all or part of the remaining maximum term. Cheral Jones is handling any transition questions, comments, or concerns. She can be reached at There will be no new implementations by JP Morgan Chase for the remainder of the contract.
06-14-2007 :  It was announced through the GA Bi-Weekly Broadcast that GA has decided it is in the best interest of the State to participate in the WSCA (Western States Contracting Alliance) PCard contract that was awarded to US Bank in September 2006.
06-05-2007 :  The next web-based beginner training is scheduled for June 20, 2007. The next intermediate and advanced PaymentNet training is scheduled for Jun 26th and 27th in Olympia. Registration is open an space is limited. The decision to rebid or participate in the WSCA PCard contract has not been decided. I anticipate the decision shortly. While at the NAPCP Conference, I networked with the State of Idaho. They have developed a middleware that interfaces with their financial system. It is not proprietary, and we may use it. We had a meeting on June 4, 2007 with OFM, WSDOT, and LNI to discuss this possibility. I sent the link to the Idaho website to the re-bid committee for review, and have scheduled a meeting with Idaho on June 26, 2007 to demo the product and discuss our options.
04-12-2007 :  PaymentNet training was held at Renton Technical College on April 11, 2007. There continue to be customer service issues. I am preparing a list for cure to be submitted to JPMC no later than April 30, 2007 for response no later than May 31, 2007.
03-06-2007 :  Rebates are beginning to be paid, and congratulation letters are being sent to those that received $10,000 or more in rebate. A Broadcast will be sent this week to inform all customers that rebates less than $50, will not be dispersed due to the cost of processing the check.
02-16-2007 :  We are on track to provide the data analysis information to the re-bid committee the first week in March. With this important information, the committee will be able to make an educated recommendation to executive management to determine the direction the state will proceed. It continues to be my goal to have something in place by November 2007.
02-16-2007 :  We continue to work through the mis-posting of payments. It is apparent that most mis-postings are due to the incorrect or missing account number on the payment submitted by the agency. Another increasing issue is how fraudulent charges are dealt with on Department Cards. VISA has a more difficult time recovering fraudulent charges when there is not a persons name on the first line of embossing. It is more difficult to track who made the purchase. This has been an increasing issue with some agencies, and my suggestion has been to limit the number of department cards, or put the persons name who is responsible for the card on the first line of embossing and then the department name on the second line of embossing.
01-05-2007 :  There have been many issues with regard to mis-posting of payments, lack of customer service, and overall poor performance. I have scheduled a meeting with JPMC to discuss these issues for January 16, 2007. We have also established a team of internal experts to provide specific program analysis to prepare for the end of the contract. This data will allow us to proceed in a direction that best meets the state as a whole.
12-12-2006 :  The beginner webcast training failed due to JPMC's placeware connection. We will re-schedule after the first of the year. I am in the process of securing sites for Intermediate and Advanced Training for 2007. I met with OFM and WSDOT on Friday, 12/8/06 to discuss the purchasing card policies as relates to the re-bid process. It was suggested I make contact with the top ten users and recruit financial, pruchasing/contract, IS, audit persons to participate. I have completed that task and now all top ten users have at least one representative participating. Our next scheduled meeting is the beginning of February, 2007. We will determine the pros and cons of re-bid vs. WSCA participationg, and prepare recommendation (s) for executive management approval. I continue to receive complaints regarding payments being mis-posted, and customer service complaints. I sent Vendor Report Card requests with a due date of December 15, 2007. I have received many, and will compile a list of issues to bring to JPMC for resolution. I will also prepare a vendor report card tabulation to get the pulse across the state regarding their perfomance. I have also begun working with a contrat consultant to do some data analysis regarding potential implementation costs, and incentive comparisons.
09-12-2006 :  Current Contract Information has been updated to reflect new primary contact for the Office of State Procurement. All other terms and conditions remain the same.
09-05-2006 :  A re-bid stakeholder committee has been formed to begin the re-bid process. It is anticipated that the current term will be extended through December 31, 2000 to facillitate this process.
04-30-2006 :  from, General Administration's P-Card website FAQ'a regarding archiving: JPMorgan Chase will be archiving transaction detail and audit data older than 24 months in the near future. Depending on your archival data needs, it may be necessary to run queries or export PaymentNet data prior to the archive date. Will transactions that are within 24 months and audit data that is within 12 months still be on PaymentNet? Yes, this data will remain on PaymentNet until it reaches the archive criteria. When can I start copying transaction or audit data? Clients have always had the ability to copy transaction and audit data. Will my data be archived? If you have transaction data that is older than 24 months or archive data that is older than 12 months, this data will be archived. When will my data begin to be archived? May 13, 2006 June 17, 2006 July 15, 2006 Can I request data after it has been archived? Please call the contact below for instructions. There is a fee for this service. Who may I contact regarding Archive Questions? Jennifer Stoddard Commercial Card Solutions Program Coordinator Phone: 800-748-9584, ex 7173
04-26-2006 :  Within the Commercial Card Industry only Travel Accident, Collision Damage (rental car) and Baggage Insurance is provided and not life insurance. At JPMC we offer the State of Washington $500,000 of travel accident insurance automatically insuring the State cardmembers for $500,000 against death or dismemberment arising from accident occurring while traveling on any common carrier,. The airfare for the trip must have been charged to the State Corporate Card and or ghost account (CTA). Common Carrier is defined as any scheduled airline, land or water conveyance licensed for transportation of passengers for hire.
04-11-2006 :  To be sent to all program adminstrators (600+) via GA distribution list on 4/11/2006. [] The Department of General Administration, in conjunction with JPMorganChase, is pleased to announce Purchase Card software training. PaymentNet training is an essential element of a successful P-Card program. Beginner training will take place May 23 via webcast, no pre-registration is necessary. Intermediate and Advanced classes will be held May 17th in Renton. Advanced and Intermediate attendees may elect to bring a laptop for hands on training. For more information and for training registration please visit: For information on Purchase Card best practices and frequently asked questions, please visit: Jon Lontai Contract Specialist General Administration Office of State Procurement
04-11-2006 :  P-Card: Range of incentive: 1 basis point - 93 basis points Average incentive of all participants: 20 basis points Average incentive of participants who earned an incentive: 47 basis points * All numbers for calendar year 2005:
04-06-2006 :  Beginner webcast dates for 2006: March 21st @ 10:00 AM May 23 @ 9:00 AM July 25 @ 9:00 AM October 10 - 10:00 AM December 5 @ 10:00 AM Each Webcast will last approximately 1.5 hours.
01-26-2006 :  It is OSP's intention to have the 2005 incentive checks in the hands of the agencies who earned them by February 28 2006. OSP is working with a 3rd party auditor to review the incentive distribution. OSP is working with JPMC and the auditor to expedite this process.
12-23-2005 :  On December 14th, 2005 OSP hosted a P-Card Stakeholders meeting. There were managers, purchasing staff, and finance professionals in attendance. We discussed the common goal of increasing contract 04298 use at agencies statewide. All agreed to have meetings once a month to discuss projects related to the P-Card. We discussed the need for a SAAM manual re-write, to be a collaborative effort of Wendy Harris of the Military Department and Jon Lontai of OSP. The OFM roadmap project headed by Ray DeFant was also discussed. Ray projects that by January/ February 2006 the mapper rollout will be functioning in some capacity, depending on the JPMC technicians and other variables. The statewide mapper would allow PaymentNet data to appear in AFRS as a transaction per line item, instead of each JPMC payment rolled up into one AFRS line item. This reporting improvement would increase OMWBE reporting quality and allow expansion to occur more rapidly. The next Stakeholders meeting will include presentations by Jim Schnellman of DSHS and Dave Davis of WSDOT. Tentatively, the next stakeholders meeting will take place January 17, 2006.
10-11-2005 :  JPMorgan Chase relationship manager Letty Fourth and myself, Jon Lontai have incorporated the successful components of a Charge Card program and have collaborated on a "Best Practices" document. In addition to clarifications and revisions, the Best Practices will be available by mid October on the General Administration Charge Card Website. This information will be helpful to program administrators, PaymentNet users, card holders, and purchasing staff. These practices outline the steps necessary to achieve maximum value from each charge card program. A revised CCI is expected to go public late October. I will be working with OPS's marketing team to broadcast the updated website content to agencies, program administrators, and high level purchasing staff. Using the tools found in the revised CCI and Charge Card website, agencies will have the ability to benchmark their purchasing process and set goals. Examples of goals include: decreased fileturn, increasing spend per card, and taking advantage of PaymentNet technology training. These performance measurements are designed with the goal of increased incentive in mind. It is likely that in early 2006, PaymentNet training will be available monthly via an online course.
06-01-2005 :  Contract extension effective June 1, 2005 through December 31, 2007 with amendments. Forms and contract information to be updated by June 10, 2005.
04-05-2005 :  30 day extension posted to the internet while details for a 24-month extension are negotiated.
10-07-2004 :  SPO working with OSP Management Team in preparing re-bid strategy.
10-01-2004 :  Current contract expires 3/31/05 with a final possible extention to 11/5/06
08-04-2004 :  In process of meeting with various banks regarding possible re-bid.
07-09-2004 :  In the process of meeting with various banks regarding possible re-bid.
06-29-2004 :  Administrative Change: At the request of JP Morgan Chase, delete Rachelle Peterson as Account Manager.
06-18-2004 :  Administrative Change: Revised Communication and Payment.
06-11-2004 :  Customers received incentive checks.
06-02-2004 :  JPMC confirmed that the incentive checks are being FED EX'd to contract users today.
01-21-2004 :  At the request of JPMC Delete Rachel. Peterson as account manager
08-01-2002 :  New OSP Altenate Contact Person is Mary Burras, Office Assistant Senio